About Me!

Hi there! Thank you so much for taking the time out to come and view my blog, it really is very much appreciated! 😁

About me:

  • My names Charlotte Teresa Donovan and I am 23 years old. Originally born a South Londoner I now currently live much further up North in Hartlepool with my partner, and best friend, Paul. We have been together since August 2nd, 2016 ❤️.
  • I’m a Historian! And I graduated from The University of Hull with a BA Hons in History on July 13th, 2016. My specialised and most favourite time period in History is, the Tudors. I have a huge love/interest for Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII and the people of the Tudor court.
  • Currently, I work as a Learning Support Assistant at the local college, but I am also a monthly Historical Writer for The Tudor Society which is run by Historian and Author, Claire Ridgeway. This is where I write monthly articles on “The King’s Men” within the Tudor court. Focusing on the men who were the closest to Henry VIII throughout his reign.
  • Finally, I am the owner of “With Love, Charlotte x” and on here my posts will consist of the two following areas: Book Reviews and Short Historical Facts.


With Love, Charlotte x

*Disclaimer; All personal views and writing content on here is MY own work. However, sometimes photo’s may come from a 3rd party online source, but 99.9% of the photography displayed within my posts are my OWN photos.*