Short historical facts with me, Charlotte 👩🏻‍💻

fact no.40!

Guys, we’re at fact number 40. How on earth?! I just wanted to say thank you for continuously coming back for these short little facts of mine. I really do appreciate it.

So! On this day 482 years ago, Queen Anne Boleyn and her brother, George, were tried and found guilty of treason.


Monday 15th May, 1536. Queen Anne Boleyn and her brother, George Boleyn, were tried for high treason at the Tower of London. Due to their high position in court they were both given the privilege of being judged and tried by their own selected peers. Not like the other men who were accused of committing treason with Anne also: Norris, Weston, Brereton and Smeaton.

The Queen was tried first and defended herself exceptionally. She denied all charges made against her as Queen yet the jury were adamant in their decision, they found her “guilty”. She was then stripped of her crown as well as all her titles, all but her title of “Queen”. Anne kept her composure the entire time and she was graceful however, she spoke and stated that she “believed there was some other reason for which she was condemned than the cause alleged”. After this she was taken back to her room in the Tower by Sir William Kingston who was her gaoler. On the way back to her room he held the axe turned against her implying that she had indeed been sentenced to death.

Then George Boleyn, Lord Rochford, was taken into the hall to also stand trial before the same peers. He is said to have put up a brilliant fight for his life that day. He too pleaded “not guilty” just like his sister and the way in which George defended himself in court that day has been described as respectable as Sir Thomas More had been when on trial also. However, no matter how valiant he had appeared in court George was also found guilty, just like Anne and was sentenced to a full traitors death. He was then taken back to his rooms in the tower to prepare for death.

Both Anne and George were accused of treason, people throughout court believed that they had “lied down” with one another, this included Georges own wife, Jane Parker. George was beheaded on May 17th, along with the 4 other men accused of treason with the Queen: Norris, Weston, Brereton and Smeaton. And Anne was then beheaded on May 19th.

With love, Charlotte x


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