Short Historical facts with me, Charlotte 👩🏻‍💻

fact no.39

On this day 488 years ago, Henry VIII was very strongly advised to not marry Anne Boleyn.

At this time, Henry was already at constant battle with the Pope for his input to Henry’s divorce from Catherine of Aragon. But, it was starting to become abundantly clear to everyone including the Pope that Henry’s need for a divorce was not just for the sake of his beliefs about his marriage being illegal, it was his want for a new wife and this new wife to be Anne.

Once news of these events happened to reach the Pope, he threatened to excommunicate him if he was to go ahead with his divorce and then took Anne as his new wife. His current wife, Katherine, was protecting herself as best as she currently could not for herself, for her daughter Mary. She was also said to have been sending letters back and forth to her nephew Charles, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.

So, for Henry it was be excommunicated or marry Anne? Well! We all know what he chose to do.

With love, Charlotte x


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