Short Historical facts with me, Charlotte 👩🏻‍💻

fact no.38

On this day 509 years ago, King Henry VII died. Leaving his son Henry VIII to take to the throne. 

On this day in history king Henry VII died at Richmond Palace, having been on and off ill since 1507 for it was feared that he had an incredibly bad throat infection. It has been said by historians that Henry had been suffering with “chronic fatigue, a loss of appetite and bouts of depression” in the summer of 1508 and was ill in the beginning of 1509, February.

On the 20th of April 1509 he summoned his own confessor to talk about his last rites. His body was then anointed with holy oil, he kissed the cross, heard mass and with what little power he had left in him called upon the Lord. In the final hours before his death he summoned his son Henry and instructed him to comply to the treaty with Spain by agreeing to marry Catherine of Aragon. And come the 11pm on Sunday April 21st 1509 Henry VII died. His death however was kept secret for a couple of days before his son Henry VIII would become King. This happened on the 24th of April and was to be the start of a whole new era, one that would make his fathers family name so well known throughout history, but not all for the right reasons.

With love, Charlotte x


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