Book Review, “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” by J.K.Rowling 📚

Recently I reviewed Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone and now I am back reviewing “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” 😀 I hope you enjoyyyy! <3.


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is my favourite book/film within the franchise. Now some people may find this weird as it is very early on within the book/film series to say “Oh my god that’s my favourite one” but! For me it is because of this simple fact; it is when everything begins to get darker. The Chamber of Secrets is the first book/film that gets incredibly dark, very quickly! For the petrifying of a young student and cat happening relatively early on for me as a child was pretty scary. Let alone the fact there is a weird disembodied voice flying around within both the book/film also, to say this voice scared the life out of me when I first heard it is an understatement… Especially on the PS1 game! It use to give me nightmares! 😮 but now I am older, not so much, still I wouldn’t say it’s not creepy still haha!


Forced to spend his summer holidays with his muggle relations, Harry Potter gets a real shock when he gets a surprise visitor: Dobby the house-elf, who warns Harry Potter against returning to Hogwarts, for terrible things are going to happen.

Harry decides to ignore Dobby’s warning and continues with his pre-arranged schedule. But at Hogwarts, strange and terrible things are indeed happening: Harry is suddenly hearing mysterious voices from inside the walls, muggle-born students are being attacked, and a message scrawled on the wall in blood puts everyone on his/her guard –

“The Chamber Of Secrets Has Been Opened. Enemies Of The Heir, Beware”

Now re-reading this book just reminded me of how much I loved it :). So I have decided to show you a few of my favourite bits from the book that they didn’t include in the film;

  1. The Death Party: this is the party for Nearly Headless Nick. It is a death day party and it is not included in the film, which saddens me for it is such a fun part to read. Peeves is in it and this is where Harry, Ron and Hermione actually meet Moaning Myrtle for the first time too. Not like in the film where it is in the prefects bathroom.
  2. The Writing on the Wall: after the incident with Mrs Norris being found petrified, in the film it is Professor McGonagall that Hermione then quizzes later on about the Chamber itself but my preferred version is in the book, where it is Professor Binns the History of Magic teacher that actually informs them of who and how the Chamber was opened last time.

Both these parts of the book are great to me, I love how they’re portrayed in the book for you have more characters involved, however I do love the portrayal in the film also. One thing I did forget about in this book however, was how truly annoying Gilderoy Lockhart actually was 😐 I found myself skipping past his parts in the book, I am so pleased they did not make him AS annoying in the film for he would of ruined it for me.

So naturally being my favourite out of them all, I’m giving it a 5/5.

With love, Charlotte x


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