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fact no.32


On this day 496 years ago, marks Anne Boleyn’s first recorded appearance within the English court.

March 4th 1522 marks the first ever recorded appearance of Anne Boleyn within Henry VIII’s court. She was taking part in a play posed as “Perseverance” which took part at York Place also known as Whitehall Palace. She performed in front of Cardinal Wolsey and the Ambassadors of the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V.

March 4th also marked Shrove Tuesday so the play that both Anne and Henry were taking part in marked the Shrovetide celebrations. This pulled together the negotiations between both Charles V and Henry VIII for both planned to attack their enemy country, France. This deal was to be joint confirmed by the arranging of marriage with Charles V and Princess Mary, Henry’s first daughter with Catherine of Aragon. Everyone taking part was draped in finery, with everyone wearing gold.

The play rounded off with the ladies defending the castle they were in with rose water and sweetmeats but however much they tried to keep themselves safe, the lords took the castle and the ladies in it. They were now ‘prisoners by the hands’ where they were then led to dance and enjoy a rich banquet. But, this was to be the place where Henry first locked eyes on Anne, for their story to later on continue.

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