Book Review, “Almost midnight” by Rainbow Rowell πŸ“š

My first book review of 2018, I am BEYOND excited about this πŸ˜πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»πŸ“šβ€οΈ.

I finished “Almost Midnight” by Rainbow Rowell yesterday evening after having read it for about 4-5 hours! Here’s the blurb, and then I’ll get into the review.


“I need you to be my person. I need to see you. And hear you. I need you to stay alive. And I need you to stop kissing other people just because they’re standing next to you when the ball drops”

This book contains “Midnight” and “Kindred Spirits” two short stories brought together for the first time with stunning illustrations”

Now as you read above in the blurb, this book itself contains 2 short stories written by Rowell, I’ve decided to review each separately! πŸ˜„ can we just comment on how GORGEOUS the book itself is!? Look at those awesome colours and how the whole things looks together. I was beyond impressed with the prettiness of it.. I will however admit, I didn’t expect the book to be “small” in general?! I think because I buy HUGE hard back books these days I just kind of expected the same!? But look how cute this book still is, even more so being A5 size.

And let me not forget that this book has the most stunning illustrations, they look so so adorable within each page and I love the feel this gives off. It’s certainly different to the other Rainbow Rowell books I’ve read, it was actually really nice to see the difference between her current/previous works.

Midnight 🌜: Mags and Noel are together every New Years, for 3 years now in a row, they’re best friends. But, neither seems to have the guts to make a move further into their relationship. Noel is very outgoing, Mags is a recluse. She does however bounce off of Noel and they really understand one another. The fact this is a short story, means you do get to the point between the two very quickly! My favourite, as I love a good love story. The two finally begin to realise as they get older that perhaps they’re the only two meant for one another and how much they truly need/love one another. I found this story very very endearing. I loved how it ended as it was how I wanted it to end! It was spot on and made my heart do a happy dance. 5/5⭐️

Kindred Sprits πŸ’‘: this story took me a little longer to get into. However, I am a big Star Wars fan! So I can understand these characters needs for Star Wars so much! Elena and Gabe meet in a queue outside of a movie theatre, where there is only a few other people like herself queuing for the newly released film! They spend the next few days talking and finding out more on one another.. However it does not always feel great for Elena as this is not something she’s use to doing, plus she thought things would be much more fun. Till Gabe begins to remind her of who her friends are after she only recognises him a few days into their waiting. She has a little reality check and begins to think about her life choices. And even though this story didn’t end how I expected it too.. I still loved it none the less. 4/5⭐️

Overall I would highly recommend this book if you’re looking for two short stories to make you feel a little less hassled in every day to day life! It’s very enjoyable and brings out your inner love for love stories!! πŸ™‚.

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See you soon for another review! πŸ™‚.

With love, Charlotte x


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