Hi there! It’s been a while…

Less then a month ago I posted a post on here named “Things are changing… Let me explain”. This post spoke about how I was going to stop blogging for a while, I was going to take a blogging break and see how I felt about my blog as a whole for a number of different reasons.

I said I didn’t know how long I was going to be gone from blogging and I said I might return at some point. Well, I’m am returning as of today :D. But! I would read on to see how things are now going to be here on “With love, Charlotte x”


So! As you will know (if you have read my blog before) that I have for the past 2 years now been prescheduling every post for each month, MONTHS in advance. I wanted to make sure I consistently had posts going live, I wanted to have everything done and up and ready go to for the months ahead. And that was fine, I found it quite easy to do as I love writing and I really was trying to make sure I was doing my hardest to keep up with keeping my content going live. But, I feel this is what killed blogging for me over time.

I was trying to hard to keep up with how I felt I as a blogger should be. This is obviously no fault of anyones but my own. I had too higher expectations for myself and had put such a lot of pressure on myself to keep on the ball. I also did try to post posts that were completely out of my comfort zone to stick within a niche. Now, I won’t go too into the whole niches situation for I recently got a rather awful email from someone trying to make out that I was being a “jealous person” and “only thinking of the money” for the fact of me saying I didn’t know if blogging was for me anymore due to the Beauty and Fashion blogging community becoming such a HUGE community over the past year, year and a half. Now, let me explain. I was in NO way slating beauty or fashion bloggers, as I said in my post “Things are changing… Let me explain” I stated that…

“Now, in no way whatsoever am I saying that being a beauty or fashion blogger is a bad thing. Not in the slightest. Because if that is the area that someone has a particular interest and love for then I wholeheartedly encourage you to go ahead and write about it, put your full passion into what you’re talking about and be a boss while doing it 💖. I am however saying that, this is the particular niche I have seen grow a huge amount in the past year, year and a half. Everyone wants to be a beauty/fashion blogger and that is great! It’s amazing that so many people share the same interests, I however, fall out of this niche for I am in no way a beauty or fashion blogger.”

I got slated for this. Due to saying I just didn’t fall into a niche and due to this I didn’t know if I should blog anymore as I was finding it hard to keep a following, views, likes etc. all the things any blogger will admit are key to running a blog and keeping a blog going. It was however just one person who found themselves to take offence to this so I am pleased the 15 bloggers that liked my post and new followers that I have seen I have gained while being away (THANK YOU btw <3) did not take this into any offence, as none was intended what so ever.

So! Moving on. I am changing www.dbbloggerxoxo.com a huge amount and after 3 and a half years of blogging, I feel I am truly happy with the changes I have decided to make. Things are going to be MUCH different from now on and, I hope this is okay as this is the only way I feel I can come back blogging:

  1. Books 📚: I will still be posting Book Review posts. For the simple fact I am someone who reads all the time, yes I re-read books, but I am always buying new reading material too. Plus, this is something I really did enjoy posting on here. I loved sharing my views on the books I had been reading because I feel as someone who reads a lot seeing reviews from others on newly released books is always helpful to me in what I pick to read. I have been putting together a folder on “Dropbox” of books I want to buy so far this year and I have brought 3 off of this list already… I just need to read them now. So book reviewing will be staying and new reviews coming soon!
  2. Short Historical facts with me, Charlotte 👩‍💻: Short Historical facts with me is something I started a little over a year ago on here. I felt as a Historian I wanted to share historical information with the people who read my posts, I wanted to inform them of another field that I love so dearly. I have so far posted 28 short historical facts and I want to continue posting them. So Short Historical facts with me, Charlotte 👩‍💻 will also be continuing. Whether they’re necessarily historical events that happened on that day or whether they’re just facts I want to share, we will see. I can see myself doing a mix of the both from now on to be honest.

Now, these are the only two posts I will be sharing on the regular. And you will see I have gone through my blog and deleted any posts that do not fall in line with these two categories as I will be starting up blogging again, as of today, but my blog is now strictly Book Reviews and Historical facts.

So, this does not mean there will be weekly posts anymore, for I am not restricting myself to scheduling months in advance again; I will only be posting Short Historical Facts on history I feel I want to share and I will only be posting a Book Review the day after I have finished reading a book. Therefore I will not have 2 weekly posts going up, I will just be blogging when I want to blog, plus I do have my 2 full-time jobs that control a huge amount of my life and how much free time I have to actually sit and blog as well. So this is now how my blog is going to go 🙂 I hope that that’s cool. I have jazzed up my header, updated my “About Me” section and my “Work With Me” section so head over and check those out.

So I am back! And I am back writing about the two things I love. I just want to thank the people who did like my “Things are changing… Let me explain” post (that has however been removed due to this update now) and to the new people who have recently followed my blog, I am now currently 7 followers off of 150 followers, which is awesome! Thank you for being so great and continuing to show support to me, I really do appreciate it. ❤

So for now, until my next Book Review or Short Historical Fact…

With love, Charlotte x