Things are changing.. Let me explain. πŸ€”πŸ’­

So, from the title you can probably gather that something big is about to be said and honestly, that’s because it is.

For 3 and a half years now nearly I have been blogging. I started blogging in the summer of my first year at uni and honestly it was a huge escapism for me. It took away the whole aspect of my stressful uni 2nd and 3rd year that was about to come and something that was different to my course. I enjoyed it, I looked forward to writing posts for it and most of all, I did it because I wanted too.

But for the past year now I’ve been feeling conflicted. Conflicted on how I feel about putting posts out on my blog. Now let me explain why.

1. Niches: Niches. Throughout 2017 I noticed (being a big twitter/Instagram user) that particular niches we’re gaining HUGE amounts of following. And it was a particular niche I personally don’t cover, not too often at least, here on my blog. These niches in particular are Beauty and Fashion. Now, in no way whatsoever am I saying that being a beauty or fashion blogger is a bad thing. Not in the slightest. Because if that is the area that someone has a particular interest and love for then I wholeheartedly encourage you to go ahead and write about it, put your full passion into what you’re taking about and be a boss while doing it πŸ’–. I am however saying that, this is the particular niche I have seen grow a huge amount in the past year, year and a half. Everyone wants to be a beauty/fashion blogger. And that is great! It’s amazing that so many people share the same interests, I however, fall out of this niche for I am in no way a beauty or fashion blogger.

I have nor never will be a full on girlie girl. I am a reader, I am a writer and I am a fair bit of a nerd, I really am! And I’m happy with that, I’m 100% contented with who I am am at the age of 23 as I feel for the past year and a half now I have embraced who and how I am very wholeheartedly (with a lottle help from my partner, family and friends obviously) and that’s how everyone should feel, I just know that every interest I have doesn’t fit into a particular niche that everyone wants to hear or read about. Which leads me in to..

2. Interests: My interests have always been a little bit different to say most other peoples. I have from a vey your age been a huge book worm, I have always had this inner nerd in me something I have until this past year and a half/two years held in pretty well and since becoming a fully qualified historian back in July 2016 I have realised how much my chosen field of work actually means to me, trying many different ways to peruse and fully get into this field to continue my love for history.

But, over the past 6 months I have become very involved in Dungeons and Dragons also, something I myself never thought I could get as involved in as I have, but I can guarantee if I was to do a post on DND on here explaining how things work etc. I would receive next to no views or likes.. because there’s not many people who’re interested. And that is honestly fine, but, for me it’s disheartening, this is something I am interested in yet I can’t talk about it due to not receiving a liking for it? How is that fair? It’s a part of my life, for I go to DnD twice weekly. This then leads me now to life…

3. My job: there isn’t much I can say about my job.. and that’s the exact reason why it’s hard. I had to recently stop doing my once a month weekly blogs, purely because I have a full time job now that I simply can not and genuinely would not anyway go into full on discussion about.. so that ends my job discussions very quickly within work.. but also within regards to work..

4. Paid content; I am going to openly admit it, I have never been paid to post any of my particular posts that have gone up on my blog. Never. Now, I will start by saying that a lot of the reason is because when it comes to authors contacting me to review their books I have done it because the books have genuinely interested me, I will say I have received books that I’ve read and not enjoyed so I haven’t blogged about, but I have also been contacted by other companies that I know openly pay people to sponsor their content on their sites but refused to pay me? They didn’t even offer to but wanted me to post there products on my site for nothing.. just because they were sending me the product.. how is this fair to me? I know a lot of these brands have paid other people because when I have viewed some peoples posts it says “ad” and that means they have been paid to advertise it. But whenever I mention to these places about working on a “paid basis” I never hear from them again. Now I know it’s not all about being paid, hence why you will see book reviews up that I haven’t got “ad” in because the author has genuinely been awesome to me and not just expected me to review their book, I chose to because I have been given the option due to being able to read the blurb and know what I’m getting myself into, but with some publishers, I haven’t even been asked to review a book they have just turned up in my mail EXPECTING me to review it without even asking.

Now as someone who pays for her blog, it would be nice to make some type of income from it. Especially since I do love writing so much. Having a career where I could write and earn a living is such a dream idea and I do see so many people doing it, and trust me first year after uni (July 2016-July 2017) I tried my damned hardest to achieve this, reaching out to people, trying to make a paid amount negotiable and trying to just get a response all on a weekly/daily basis. Yet to no avail. People just don’t even bother to reply once money’s involved. And it sucks. Which leads me to my final point..

5. Work outside it my blog and full time job; I recently however secured a position with a company called The Tudor Society. Something I am incredibly proud of myself for. I managed to get this position through doing online history courses to keep my degree fresh over my year out last year and thankfully, someone took a chance on me. Claire Ridgeway. And as of January 2018 I became a part-time Historical Writer for the online site The Tudor Society. This is a site I feel my writing and main interest is genuinely appreciated on because, it’s aimed for people who subscribe monthly and want to read your articles, other like minded people. So, to say when my first piece went up this week that I was excited is an understatement, I was over joyed!!! Finally :).

I am also in the middle of finishing a book, to be released sometime this year. And, I am very excited about that too. But, all this is something I haven’t been able to share on here, 1. Due to the fact I’ve want to keep my book a little secret for a while and 2. due to the fact that people probably in the blogging community just wouldn’t read what I write for The Tudor Society.

So all in all I’m just finding it a little hard to keep on top of it all. I schedule months in advance but that’s not what I mean, I just don’t feel like the content I want to write about is genuinely of interest to 99% of Readers these days. And that’s fine, there’s a niche. But, it’s upsetting for me as a blogger. Because when I have put posts up that I knew fitted in with that particular niche, I’ve gotten more views then usual, but I’m not a beauty and fashion blogger so why should I try to conform when my hearts then not in it? I mean I had posts scheduled up till April up until last night, but I just deleted them as I knew reading them back my heart just wasn’t in any of them.

So, this isn’t me saying I won’t be back. I’m just taking a much deserved blogging break. I really want to focus on things that give me the satisfaction/interest that I want/need. So my book writing, my historical writing and my job. And for now, that’s fine with me. I will, hopefully be back, I just don’t know when. I need to miss blogging before I decided its time to return. Sometimes you need to listen to your head and follow your heart where your passions/interests really lie. So I’m following my own advice for now.

I did however want to say a little thank you to the people that have liked and shared my posts in the past, as I do really appreciate you. So thank you :).

For now, enjoy 2018 and hopefully I’ll be back at some point or another πŸ™‚ until then,

With love, Charlotte x


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