Readers Block and Writters Block, my side of the story πŸ’­πŸ“šβœοΈ.

I knew there was such a thing as readers block, like I had heard people saying “god I’ve had a bit of readers block lately” or “I just can’t get my head into a good book lately” but, I had never heard of writers block.

Well, over the past year I have suffered with not just one of these things, but both, and at the same time too. It has really been SO hard.

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 12.10.14(photo from Pinterest)

I never thought I would suffer with readers block, because usually I could read a book within a day or two and within a day of that start another, that’s just how it has always been! I love to read, I love books and I love having new reading material. But, around January 2017, I just found myself not picking up books anymore. Not reading what so ever. But most of all not having the umpth to read at all. I didn’t feel the need to have a book in my hand all the time and I couldn’t get my brain around having to read anymore. Now as you can Imagine, this really upset me, like really upset me! For I have never known myself to not have a book on the go… but suddenly I just couldn’t.

This, as you can imagine, then had a knock on effect with my writing because if I wasn’t reading what was there to write about? So I found scheduling posts really hard as I didn’t know what to talk about. Upon reflection looking at my blog over the past year you would never of guessed because there was always posts going out every month, even come May there was 2 a week going out, but I have been back through my content over the past month and removed the posts I put up quite literally just for the sake of getting a post out there. But, I still wanted to blog, so I did whatever I could to write about SOMETHING.

My writers block sorted itself the minute I left my crappy job I had had from December 2016 – May 2017 so that helped me figure that problem out ASAP. But, up until recently (literally New Years Day might I add) I thought to myself “my readers block has GOT to stop” I was fed up, I had had a really good spurt in October 2017 with reading books as I brought a few of Philippa Gregory’s books to try and get myself back into reading as I heard if you have readers block re-read an author who’s books you have loved before! I even read a new author Suzannah Lipscomb and loved her book too, but, I then stopped again due to just generally being busy and again not having the effort to read books. The spark had gone.

d407ee87ac7a00479c3006c928c4ea55Β (photo from Pinterest)

I had over the past 5 months of living with Paul gotten upset on a few occasions and spoken to him about this. I had told him that I just felt useless as Paul is always busy with some form of work and it always drives him to achieve and do better, so I just wanted to be in the same mind set as him even if the work load/interest was different to his. Of course Paul reassured me, he’s brilliant, such a caring and loving partner but, it didn’t matter what anyone said really, I felt down in the dumps about my readers block.

So New Years Day, I looked at the pile beside my bed, I have 3 books in this pile and they’re all new books. I wanted to read. I suddenly, almost from no where, wanted to read. So! I picked up a book “Turtles all the way down” by John Green and I turned my phone onto Aeroplane mode. Well, I am now half way through the book and I plan (once I have written this) to finish the book TODAY. I woke up wanting to continue reading. Now, I have always been a lover of John Greens writing, Looking for Alaska being one of my all time favourite books ever, so I think it might be that! But, whatever it is, I’m embracing it. I am looking at my books again and feeling the need to just reread everything all in one go. And I love it <3. I will admit that maybe during 2017 the cause of my readers block may have been me trying to force myself to read just a few books that were sent to me that I really would never read but, I’ll never know.

So, my aim is to just keep reading, just let it flow and enjoy it.Β 

If you’re suffering with Readers or Writers block I’m now going to list a few DO’s and DONT’S and I hope in some way they can help:

  1. When suffering from writers block DON’T force yourself to put out content when you don’t want too. You will later regret it.
  2. DO give yourself time to just chill when struggling to come up with content, people would rather read what you really feel/think, not what you think they want to read.
  3. If you suffer with readers block, DO grab a book you may have read before. Reading an authors words who you once lost yourself in can be a great way to put yourself back in the reading game.
  4. DON’T force yourself to read something you know full well you aren’t going to enjoy. Your brain won’t like it and will just stop taking notice of what you’re reading.
  5. DO turn your phone onto silent/aeroplane mode so you don’t get distracted, this is something I have be doing for about 2 hours a day now just to make sure I don’t get the urge to look at my phone as I’ll admit, the thing is attached to me 99.9% of the time. I want to stop being so reliant on that in the New Year too, to be honest.
  6. DO treat yourself to snacks and indulge in whatever you want to when feeling like readers/writers block is taking over, there’s nothing worse then feeling consumed.

Now, I am no expert when it comes to readers/writers block, but, I can only give you any advice from my own person experiences I have recently had and hope that maybe this helps at least someone maybe suffering with the same. So, anyone reading this, even if I’ve helped just ONE of you, then this makes me happy.

With love, Charlotte x


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