December monthly favourites! πŸ“Œ &, a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year guys, I know it’s early, BUT, let’s kick start off this monthly faves! πŸ˜€ and as you can guess, this will consist of what I got for Christmas, cause why not hey?! :D. BUT! I have made this post a little shorter then the ones I have previously done, simple reason because I didn’t want to put everything I got in one post, so I’m separating them between December and January’s faves, I hope that’s okay :D. LETS DO THIS!


(SIDE NOTE: I will NOT be including any links to these items in this post or the next, they’re gifts and I don’t want to go round searching for these gifts to see how much they were, just a heads up! :D)


So! This scarf and jumper are from my man, Paul. The scarf is SUPER soft, it is massive and is very nice simple colours so it goes with a lot :). I can wrap it round me multiple times due to how large it is and it just ensures that I will keep warm with my new coat I have also been brought, I am NOT getting cold anytime soon. My hoodie is absolutely awesome!! Riverdale is my absolute favourite programme and I just re-watch it all the time <3. So, yes, 99.9% of the time when I am doing something, “I’d rather be watching RIVERDALE” :D.



HARRY POTTER MAKE-UP BRUSHES! OMG! <3. These were one of my gifts from Paul’s parents, oh my! How amazing are they <3. They’re eye make-up brushes and I love them so much! They work so well when it comes to blending in my eye make-up and they look cool as hell!!! πŸ˜€ I am one happy little HP fan.



NEXT do some amazing fragrances and this, is absolutely lovely. This fragrance is so light and airy and reminds me of a brand my mum wears, a Victoria Beckham one! πŸ˜€ so it’s ironic that my mum brought this for me :). I love this perfume so much and, it helps that it reminds me of my mum because I miss her all the time now I live away permanently. So this is an amazing gift.


Sentimental Gifts;

These three gifts are from my mum and younger sister:

  1. Arrow earrings; these were from my mum. They came on a card that basically said about living your dreams and reaching for your goals. SO sweet! ❀
  2. Heart pendent; Me, My Sister and our Step Sister all got one of these! My mum met her amazing partner this year and just like mum Steve has two kids! Steph and Scott. So me and my sister now have some awesome step siblings and I love this cute little gift idea for the girls :).
  3. Elephant statue; I love elephants. Like I love them so much. They’re such a cute animal. Elephants and cats ❀ ❀ <3. So my sister brought this amazing statue to go with my other one my nan got me! So we have Nelly and Dumbo :D.



Now this was a present To: Me, From: Me. This is from boohoo and is a little up and over the head bag <3. It is a suede material and very cute! I can’t fit my big Ted baker purse in it that I have as it is very long, but, I have a cute leather card holder to put my cards and slip notes in behind so that comes in handy! I can however fit my Phone (iPhone 6s Plus), my keys (which had multiple key-rings on), a lip balm, a hand cream and my headphones! And there is still enough room to fit other things in too. So it is a very cute small bag to take anywhere. I love it.


Body Butters, Hand Creams & Lip balms:

All of these products look and make my skin feel amazing! I love them all, no explanation needed <3.


Planner and Book;

After hearing such amazing reviews on this new John Green book I went and treated myself.. again :D. I will be reviewing this book soon! Keep your eyes peeled. And, finally, Paul got me a new planner :). I needed a much bigger planner starting 2018, just so I can keep track of everything;

  1. Work hours and when I am in work.
  2. When certain bills are coming out.
  3. How much money I have a week.
  4. When blog posts are going live.
  5. When my “Tudor Society” posts are going live (this bullet point will all be explained in a post later on in the month, I promise)
  6. Secret project planning etc. (this will also be explained soon, later in the year I am hoping)

Just everything I need to keep on top of and this is just amazing! A4 sized too <3.


So! This isn’t everything, but, you will have to wait till January I am afraid.. See you there!

With love, Charlotte x



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2 thoughts on “December monthly favourites! πŸ“Œ &, a Happy New Year!

    1. Pauls mum got them for me :’), how adorable are they?! You can use them when i come down to you in a couple weeks if you want πŸ˜€ xxx

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