My plans for DBBloggerxoxo in the New Year, 2018. πŸ“šπŸ‘©β€πŸ’»

So, if any of you didn’t see my post back in August about DBBloggerxoxo and my monthly blog post plans, read this before you continue…Β Round up, round up.. πŸ’«.


I wanted to discuss what is my plans for my blog in 2018! Nothing is massively changing πŸ™‚ so that’s good! But, I am however going to be a little selective in two particular area’s of my blog and this is to do with; 1. what books I choose to review on here and 2. fee’s.

As you will know I get people emailing me through my “work with me” page and they email me, which I know I am incredibly lucky to receive, with books that authors would like to send me to review. And, for someone who is still quite a small based blogger, makes me feel so incredibly lucky!! But, I sometimes accept books because I feel rude saying no and I have sometimes found I was forcing myself to start reading these books (even if i did eventually enjoy them in the end) which I shouldn’t have to do, because I honestly think this is what caused 99% of my readers block last year. Because I was forcing myself to read books that I didn’t particularly know that I would enjoy and as you’ll have seen there was 1 I didn’t particularly rate too high as I just didn’t enjoy it?

So, I’ve made a huge decision too. I’ve decided to rebrand my blog. β€œDBBloggerxoxo” was the name I first chose 3 and a bit years ago when I started blogging, but, as times gone on I really feel I’ve began to outgrow the name. It will always be special to me because it’s started something I now class as much more then a hobby, it is something that has and is leading to such amazing opportunities for me but, I have developed a β€œniche” should we say? And that’s for my love of my chosen life career, being a Historian. Since gradating I have realised just how much becoming a historian has meant to me and I just want to carry on filling everyone with my β€œshort historical facts” and also doing book reviews & tv series’/film reviews. All three things I truly love in life. And life blogging! Nothing pleases me more then fulfilling blog posts that consist of these 4 things, so I’m pursuing it. 😊😊 So, starting with user names on here & Twitter! Twitter I am now “@withlovecharx” & here I am “withlovecharlottex” BUT I will keep the domain until further notice 😊. The whole “With love, Charlotte x” theme will just be taking over everything :D.

Also I have now decided that I will start charging for everything I write for other people on my blog as it takes a lot of time out of my time to be doing these types of things for people and, I would love to start making a little income from my writing I do on here, I feel it’s time haha. So, see in my “work with me” section linked here,Β WORK WITH ME, to see what I will be charging and which types of writing services I provide.

So, this will not be the only changes, there will NOW beΒ 3 monthly short historical reviews, 1 monthly faves, 1 monthly book reviewsΒ and 3 other posts I wish to write about! So the main structure won’t be changing, I’m just going to be a little more selective on book choices and charging a slight fee for my writing services (my prices are not big AT ALL) :).

So! I hope this is cool with you guys, I would just like to thank all my new followers from this year, I appreciate you all so sooo much. And, thank you also for all the comments and views, this years been awesome for all of it, so again, thank you so so much! πŸ™‚

With love, Charlotte x


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23. HistorianπŸ€“πŸŽ“. Learning Support Assistant πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ«. Weekly Blogger πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’». Monthly Historical Freelance Writer for β€œThe Tudor Society” ✍🏻🌹. Huge Book Worm & TV series/film Fanatic! πŸ’». Head over to my β€œAbout Me” page to find out more on me & visit my β€œWork With Me” page to find out how we can work together ✌🏻 x

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