fact no.25

On this day, 234 years ago, William Pitt became the British Prime Minister at the age of 24.


In December 1783, George III asked Pitt to form a government at just the age of 24, he was the youngest man to become prime minister. In 1784, parliament became dissolved for a general election but due to this Pitt won! Pitt’s government worked on restoring public finances, he also imposed new taxes which included Britain’s first income tax and he also reduced both smuggling and frauds.

All thanks to Pitt’s efforts however, Britain finally joined the Third Coalition against France and come 1805 the British admitted serious defeat from the French navy at none other then the Battle of Trafalgar. Unfortunately the Coalition did collapse and this put a serious amount of strain on Pitt’s already weakened health. He finally died on 23 January 1806 and was proceeded to be buried in Westminster Abbey.

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