Life Hacks; How I wash my make-up brushes. πŸ’„πŸ’‹πŸ‘„

Let me start this post off by saying, I’m sorry. I’m sorry to say this BUT, I will be cutting out my monthly weekly blog posts. For the simple fact that since I have started my new job, I work Monday – Friday so I don’t get a chance to fill them with massively interesting things? Because, really;

  • I go to work
  • I do my hours
  • I come home
  • I spend time with Paul
  • I ring my family (which ever family member this may be)
  • I eat, a lot.
  • I binge watch Netflix! Or read whatever book I am reading (pretty much everyday)
  • I play DnD too after work a few times a week.
  • And then I sleep :).
  • Oh, and weekends consist of my catching up on everything I can’t do in the week, catching up on sleep and maybe the odd out and about trip.

So, due to the listed reasons above, I have stopped my monthly weekly blogs. Sorry :(, there may be a few every now and then when I have holidays from work etc. But, for now they aren’t monthly.


Onto the posts content, a Life Hack every girl should know :D.Β 

How to clean their make-up brushes;


So, about 3 years ago now, during my second year at uni I decided I wanted to learn to clean my make-up brushes! So naturally I YouTubed it because that’s what everyone does these days :D. And I came across this one video that had over 1M views so I looked in the comments and everything was positive so I went with it and since watching that video I have used that technique ever since.


Now the brushes I use are Zoeva Brushes. I got them back in July of this year and they truly are awesome brushes in my opinion. There is only 2 out of the set I don’t currently use, but I don’t use loads of brushes anyway because I don’t ware loads of make-up on a daily basis :). The brushes pictured above are the ones I will use whenever I got to do my make-up. So of course these are the brushes that will be mainly washed.

I will wash my brushes every 2 weeks, I find if I don’t my skin starts to break out and I get spotty, so due to this I am very OCD about doing them :). I am quite OCD about my things anyway so that’s no shock for the people who know me, but people who don’t know me too well won’t know that but, I do suffer with quite bad OCD, maybe this will be something I one day write a post about because some of my OCD things are quite weird and would probably baffle people 😐 ooops!Β 


Went off topic, as per. Now, to wash my brushes I will use two tea spoons of fairy liquid and two tea spoons of cooking oil. I will then pop them into a little bowl, where I will then dip my brush into this mixture, turn my cold tap on to a medium speed, massage the brush into my hand where you will see here a weird mixture appears on my hand,

This is the products on my brush that I have previously used on my face coming out of my brushes, I will then after doing this for a little while grip the brush between my index finger and thumb and pull in a downward motion which pulls the product off of the brush and into the sink. I will do this all while my hand is under the cold water, now I use cold water because hot water when it gets boiling can melt the glue that holds your brush bristles together, so cold water will help and cleanse them throughly. I will proceed to do this technique to each brush that needs washing and next, I will then get rid of the left over mixture in my bowl and pop in 3 squirts of conditioner,


Any conditioner works but this what I had at the time :). And I repeat the same process as above until I am happy with the brushes look and whether I am now just pulling water out of my brushes when I squeeze them.

I will then leave them to dry! :D, I lay them out in a towel and fold a part of the towel over the top of my brushes and leave them over night so they dry out properly. The protection of the towel will then ensure no dust gets into my brushes also :).

So! I hope this helped anyone who is/was looking for an easy way to clean there make-up brushes and also, a therapeutic way to wash their brushes! I have used this technique for 3 years now and I have only brought new brushes when I wanted a change, not because they were damaged or unclean because this technique really does work :).

With love, Charlotte x


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