November monthly favourites! ๐Ÿ“Œ

November Monthly faves, starts, NOW! :D. The months are MUCH colder now, so you might notice a little theme through these favourites! Enjoy! <3.



Skin care!;

Like I said up above, the weather has gotten so so cold ๐Ÿ˜ฎ beyond chilly!! So, keeping care of my skin has been a must for me as I don’t want the weather effecting it to the point of where it is dried and cracked. Here is what I have been using;

Tea Tree, Facial Cleansing Pads;ย These little beauties consist of natural tea tree and peppermint oils, they work to deep clean your face making it give a much more cleaner complexion on your face after use. These have become my substitute for my Tea Tree Cleanser that, if you’ve read my posts before, you will know is my favourite face product because it has always just jelled so well with my oily skin I have (August monthly favourites!) you can purchase these for as little as ยฃ3.99 and they have 40 pads in, they’re a dream!ย BUY ME HERE!


Face Masks!;ย Being someone who has quite an oily complexion, it can be hard finding a face mask that goes well with this and doesn’t enhance the oil you already have on your face on a daily basis! :/. So, I searched around for a while and besides my L’Oreal pure clay mask (Pure Clay Mask) this is the only mask I have found SO FAR that I really love. The Superdrug Dead Sea Purifying Clay Mask is amazing! It has an awesome smell to it and sets on your face within 15 minutes, meaning when you take it off with hot water it makes you feel like your face truly is clean! :D, I would HIGHLY recommend! Because my face feels good for a full week after use, which for me is awesome as I can have a pamper day on the same day every week and it fits in with my now hectic schedule.ย BUY ME HERE!


Lip care!;ย So finally for beauty, this is still a favourite of mine! The Nivea lip balms are my absolute favourite, they always help my lips feel 100% hydrated and I absolutely love it! Especially now when the weather is out in full force with it coldness, I used the Peach Shine all throughout the summer (click here), but now for winter I have just the original care as it’s winter, you don’t want the smell of fruit up your nose all the time now. So if you suffer with dried lips, then I would highly recommend this!ย BUY ME HERE!



Room accessories!;ย SO! Having recently moved in with Paul (yay again!) he has recently done up his room too, he now has a studio in our room, new bed and bedroom furniture! (It is a huge room I’ll have you know :P) one half is his studio and the other is our room, so we have that divide which means he can switch off from work when he comes to bed, but this also meant redecorating ;). And, I got full reign of the bed accessories! The theme is grey and white, so I got some lovely bedding, a new throw AND this amazing cushion :’). It is a grey, fluffy, love heart cushion for our bed and it truly is so cute! It is also so comfy, I have slept on this many times for naps haha!


if you didn’t know, I love elephants, like REALLY love elephants. They make me so incredibly happy it is unreal, they just look so damn cute and always come off so sweet :’). I would love to get the chance to even just stroke one one day! Last month however, me and Paul went to flamingo land for his sisters 18th (happy 18th birthday again Elli! <3) and we weren’t really too fazed about the rides as we’re both not really rides type of people, I mean I enjoy them but as I’m getting older I am going off of them, so we went round the zoo all day! Seeing the animals and going in for tea in cute places. Upon us leaving, I saw this baby and I fell in love! I saw her price and thought “oh god thats expensive :(” but, Paul wanted to treat me and did <3. Meet Flamingo, the Elephant. She is so fluffy! And I love her, thank you Paul <3.



Winter Essentials!;ย Everyone needs a hat, everyone! Even though when I wear them I look like a pea head :(. But, I refuse to be cold ๐Ÿ™‚ so hear are simply my two favourite beanies, enjoy! We have here a Primark fave which is green with a cream and black pompom and Golddigga fave which is simply all black! They both go with everything, so I instantly love them.




FINALLY! A favourite from LAST month, but popped in THIS month;ย Last month, me and Paul went on a date, a date to a gig! We went to see a band we had been a lover of for a good while! And, they were truly amazing! Neck Deep performed at Newcastle o2 Academy on October 7th 2017 and I am beyond happy that we attended, we will 100% be off to see them perform again when they tour next time and we will be going to definitely more then one tour date, because they were bloody out of this world! Truly amazing band, please check them out! Especially is you love Punk Rock,ย CHECK THEM OUT HERE!ย (from left to right, top to bottom; My pictures = Neck Deep performing, next two pictures are the merch top I got!, next is one support act named Woes, the next is support act Real Friends, then the que ๐Ÿ˜ฎ and finally NOT my picture = Neck Deep in Dublin the night before on October 6th 2017).


See you next month guys! When it is CHRISTMAS! โค

With love, Charlotte x




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