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On this day, 459 years ago, marks the death of Mary Tudor, the daughter to Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon.

Mary Tudor may be known as “Bloody Mary” for how many Protestant believers she killed once she came to the throne, but, she was the first ruling queen of England. That in it self is triumphant, but, she did only rule for 5 years.

Mary had popular support when she became queen, and once she became queen she was determined to reinstate the religion of Catholicism and then proceed to marry Philip II of Spain. Making the most of her advantage of becoming queen, she married Philip regardless of how much distrust there was towards him and pressed on with the restoration of Catholicism as a faith and revived the laws against heresy.

Over the next few years of Mary’s reign there were hundreds of Protestants who were burned at the stake. And finally childless, sick and deserted by Philip towards the end of her life, Mary died on 17th November 1558. Her hopes for a Catholic England died with her once Elizabeth became Queen next, Short Historical Facts with DBBloggerxoxo 👩‍💻.

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