Book review; “The King’s Curse” by Philippa Gregory 📚

Book reviewing time! A historical novel, once again. Surely you expect nothing else from me ;)? Enjoy! ❤


Margaret Pole spends her young life struggling to free her brother, arrested as a child, from the Tower of London. The Tower – symbol of the Tudor usurpation of her family’s throne – haunts Margaret’s dreams until the day that her brother is executed on the orders of Henry VII.

Regarded as yet another threat to the volatile King Henry VII’s claim to the throne, Margaret is buried in marriage to a steady and kind Tudor supporter – Sir Richard Pole, governor of Wales. But Margaret’s quiet, hidden life is changed forever by the arrival of Arthur, the young Prince of Wales, and his beautiful bride, Katherine of Aragon, as Margaret soon becomes a trusted advisor and friend to the honeymooning couple. Margaret’s destiny, as an heiress to the Plantagenets, is not for a life in the shadows.

Tragedy throws her into poverty and rebellion against the new royal family, luck restores her to her place at court where she becomes the chief lady-in-waiting to Queen Katherine and watches the dominance of the Spanish queen over her husband, and her fall. As the young king becomes increasingly paranoid of rivals he turns his fearful attention to Margaret and her royal family.

Amid the rapid deterioration of the Tudor court, Margaret must choose whether her allegiance is to the increasingly tyrannical king, Henry VIII, or to her beloved queen and princess. Caught between the old world and the new, Margaret has to find her own way and hide her knowledge of an old curse on all the Tudors, which is slowly coming true.

So really the blurb speaks for itself, this book is based on the life of Margaret Pole formally known as Margaret Plantagent. The Plantagent name would of been a scary thing to have had over her had Margaret not married the steady, kind hearted and knight, Sir Richard Pole, due to the name being a direct claim to the throne! Well over the Tudors heads to say the least.

Margaret was cousins to Elizabeth of York (known today as the White Princess) and was the daughter to George Duke of Clarence and was a constant threat to Henry VII and his reign. He was always scared that one family of another could swoop in and take his throne, since he had truly only ever won it in battle. Margaret needed to be married off to someone else, but someone who was still in slight favour to the king so she still had some royal influence on her life.


But, when her husband died Margaret is put into very deep poverty, forcing her to separate her and and her five kids in particular her son, Reginald Pole, who would later become a cleric that Henry VIII would come to fear, what with him becoming very highly favoured by the Pope around a time Henry is not in favour with him. Margaret is always made to make such harsh decisions and choosing whether to stick by her King or her love for Queen Katherine around the time Henry wants a divorce is no exception. Although this lady is not actually a queen or princess, she is put through some of the hardest decisions of her life, all the way through her life.

I felt a huge amount of empathy for Margaret Pole, I feel she had a much harder life then she needed too. But, that’s the way life was back then, have a high and important family and your life was always a fear to the royals, but you also had the best life due to funds? It was a truly hard life to lead and be in.

10/10 book from me, due to the high informative ways that are within it! Gregory strikes again.

With love, Charlotte x


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