October monthly favourites! ðŸ“Œ

October monthly favourites is in full swing, lets do this! Hope you’ve had a good month guys ❤



These two gifts were from my family. I recently moved to live with Paul up in Hartlepool (BIG YAY) and my family got me the two most awesome gifts ever! I love elephants, so my nan brought me this statue, I’ve named her Nelly. Original right? ;). And my little sister and mum put together this little book, it’s got her favourite things about me in, her favourite times with me, notes from my family and family friends and much more cute stuff. She is a gem, and both gifts made me cry. So thoughtful and truly lovely. Thank you! ❤



Trips away with this one have become my favourite. Paul loves to go on little trips with me and I love them just as much! He makes things so much fun and I couldn’t wish for a better partner to do things with. This trip; the forbidden corner! What a beautiful place. 


Funko Pops;

So in a previous post I have expressed my interest for Funko pops, 1 & 2. And yes, I have two more! Meaning I now have 12.. oops! There is a shop in Hartlepool called “Beanie” and I came out with these plus a few other things. Of course I have to get the Tardis, how awesome is it! It is also my first BIG funko too! And of course, a fave of mine, Frodo! I love the LOTR films so this was a must. I’m not obsessed with getting an entire FULL collection as I don’t always like every character in a show/film, so I am just getting my faves. I prefer that.



Last month I found this little gem in the centre of Newcastle, Garden Kitchen. Both me and my best friend Laura LOVED the food! She had a toastie and I had a jacket potato and we were both STUFFED afterwards! So if you’re ever in Newcastle give it a visit! They do a lush cup of tea too. ❤

Medieval Courses;

Again, I have passed three more online courses with https://medievalcourses.com/, (my previous courses 1, 2 & 3). I passed “Crime and Punishment” with 90%, “The English Reformation” with 83% and “The English Reformation” with 75%! That is a total of 6 courses in total now (I’ve previously achieved a 92%, 81% and 76% on my other three courses) and I am very happy to leave myself there. There is 9 courses on the site so far and I was interested in the 6 I’ve done, which I am beyond happy with. I may do some more in the future, just got to be one I am 100% into :).

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 15.40.38.png

Phone cases!

Now anyone who knows me, knows I love a phone case! And this year, about 3 months ago I got a new phone! The iPhone 6S Plus and it is gorgeous! I absolutely love it having come from an iPhone 5SE (it’s so much smaller :/). I buy a lot of phone cases usually, but, now I’m “adulting” 🙈 I’m trying to save money and not spend on unnecessary things. So, I’ve brought 4 cases, one for every season! Where I will now have these cases on every season! So whenever there’s a season change, I will include my phone cases that go with that season.. I feel so grown up 😉 haha! So here’s autumns phone case 😁 enjoy!

Ps. I also brought them all from the brand “Tisita” on amazon as the quality of the case IS INSANE! 😍 you should check them out.

See you next month! With love, Charlotte x


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