Penny Dreadful; 1-3 TV series review 📹✍️

In the spirit of Halloween this month I’ve decided to review a creepy and scary TV seriesI recently finished watching! Penny Dreadful.


Penny Dreadful is available on NOWTV, which I pay for monthly. I had heard about this programme from many people beforehand though and decided, after a failed attempt at watching Salem, that I would give this as shot as I love the main actress, Eva Green. I think she’s a very very good actress and has a very unique voice about her. Plus, her acting in everything she is in, is just outstanding.

In Penny Dreadful you are introduced to many people you may have heard of before, such as;

  • Dorian Grey
  • Victor Frankenstien
  • Abraham Vanhelsing
  • Frankenstein’s; the creature
  • Mina Murray; Draculas Bride
  • Dr Jeckle/Lord Hide
  • & Dracula (obviously)

And so many more!

All play a HUGE part in each season and honestly, each season ties in incredibly well with one another and flows amazingly. Eva Greens character, Vanessa Ives, in my opinion has the worst time of it! She is basically possessed by the devil. She acts in a very Exorcist type of way as she goes through stages of being in a good mind set to then an absolute off the scale mental one where she rips her own skin off or claws at the walls, or even people. The series itself just basically has some very interesting people in it, even a werewolf comes into it.


(Left – Right; Mr Malcolm Murray, Dorian Grey, Vanessa Ives, Dr Frankenstein & Ethan Chandler)

I am going to put no spoilers in this post so, it’s just a round up. This season is set in London, England between the years of 1891-1893.

In season 1, you see Vanessa and the group above fighting to try and save Mr Murray’s daughter, Mina, who is said to now be the bride of Dracula. Vanessa feels a need to help Mina for they are childhood friends, but, Vanessa broke their friendship by tempting Mina’s future husband to sleep with her. She feels bad, very bad, so when Mina goes missing she tries everything she can to help her with Malcolm and the team. Dorian Grey’s not involved so much as he’s too busy sleeping around but, he’s there.

In season 2 we see Vanessa being hunted by vampires/witches. This season is really about each character, in my eyes, finding themselves after the events that brought them together in season 1. They’re all on their own journeys of self discovery and self worth but, once again end up in one another’s company. There’s love and death in this season too, but, Vanessa is being hunted and needs to be free of it.

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 16.54.10.png

In the 3rd and final season, Ethan Chandler is on the run! He is back home in america trying to not get back to his dad as he wants to head back to London to Vanessa, he’s just very far away. Dracula comes into play and, is tempting to one particular character. A lot happens this season but, in my eyes this is the best one. There is a lot of psychology in this series and this is why I don’t want to give too much away. But, it is bloody fantastic as a series!

Series ratings;

  1. 8/10
  2. 8.5/10
  3. 10/10

As mentioned above all 3 seasons of Penny Dreadful are available on NOWTV as it is a sky programme. Be sure to check it out this spooky, scary month.

With love, Charlotte x


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