Misfit Cosmetics, product review?! πŸ’‹πŸ’„

Everyone’s seen them, these cosmetic videos that advertise these products that make your teeth incredibly white and strip your face of black heads! Well, I most certainly had. So, I thought, why the hell not, treat yo’ self Charlotte! (I take that saying far to seriously sometimes haha).Β I searched around and settled for Misfit Cosmetics, as this was one brand I had seen a few celebrities I followed on Instagram using and they truly rated it. Well, here’s my Misfit Cosmetics story;Β Misfit Cosmetics

I first off went and purchased these products;

I purchased the Misfit Cosmetics “SHINE” for your teeth for Β£12.00. This is a charcoal based product that you dip your toothbrush into and then brush on your teeth for 2 minutes. This is then, after a few times of using, is meant to make your teeth get whiter. The other product I purchased was the “BLACKHEAD EXTRACTIONS” for Β£12.99, this is the product you see people peeling off in these videos and not look in pain but, the product has gripped onto your backheads and cleared up your pores. But when you watch other people trying it outside of these ad videos, people appear to be in huge amounts of pain removing it. BUT I brought both of these products because I wanted to try them.

So, I first off tried the blackhead removal, I placed this on my T-Zone era’s, as my nose suffers really badly with black heads and so does my chin as I’m getting older (turning 23 has aged me I tell you ): ) but, this photo above was once I had applied the paste to my skin. I left this on for a total of 25 minutes like instructed. I did some jobs during this time and I did feel the product begin to tighten on my skin, I thought it would hurt to remove and I was a little anxious about it haha! BUT, upon removal, I did not see what the big hype of the pain was? I mean it pulled? But, it didn’t hurt to the point of what I have seen some people react to it like? So I was a little baffled. Yes, it removed a fair amount of my blackheads and it did feel good after, but, I couldn’t say I was over the moon? I would still recommend the L’Oreal product I reviewed earlier on in the year more to be honest..Β L’Oreal Pure Clay mask, review βœοΈπŸ’».w the tooth SHINE product. This is the one thing I am actually very uncertain again on. I find this very hard to remove off of my teeth once it is on? Which is actually scary as it is jet black..Β I look like I belong in Elizabethan England with it on.. so the fact it takes me using mouthwash, then toothpaste and then another mouthful of mouthwash to remove it 99% off of my teeth.. that’s not something I am happy with? So due to this I haven’t used it as much as I probably should have to see a real result coming along. So yeah.. 😐

IMG_5665.PNG Overall, I don’t personally think I would go back to Misfit Cosmetics again. It is not 100% what I expected and read about? So I feel a little disappointed with this purchase if truth be told? This is in NO way me slating Misfit Cosmetics however, these products just weren’t for ME and this is a review post, so I am going to be 100% honest. Others may disagree, but this is MY personal experience using these products.

With love, Charlotte x


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