September Favourites! πŸ“Œ


Grab a cup of tea, it’s going to be another LONG monthly favourites! πŸ˜‰ so no big intro, it explains itself really, LET’S GO! ❀


So, you guys are aware I am a coconut queen for the brand Coconut Lane,Β Becoming a Coconut Queen πŸ‘‘πŸ˜œ, but I don’t just do this because of the perks I get, I genuinely love this sites things πŸ™‚ here are a few favourites of mine in which I purchased this past month!

Palm tree iPhone 6s Plus case;IMG_5116Macbook 13.3 inches Pink swirl Skin and silver Bar Ring;IMG_5635Beauty; Just one beauty fave this month and that is the Tanya Burr cosmetics Lipgloss. Now, I’m a little behind on the game here, but, I just hadn’t gotten round to getting any of Tanya’s cosmetics but, now I have I won’t look back! This pink coloured lipgloss is gorgeous and slides on the lips effortlessly. It also feels great on your lips throughout the day. I just love it :).

Autumn blog header;2 new posts.png Here is my Autumn blog header at DBBloggerxoxo, I have designed 4 of these for the 4 seasons :D. And, I love this one, autumn and winter are two of my favourite seasons, so these were fab to make! πŸ˜€ look at my little scarf ;).

Clothes; Being the boohoo ordering queen that I am, it would be unnatural to not have anything from boohoo in my selections πŸ™‚ so heres three! ❀

  1. Hun Slogan Tee.

2. Alien Tee and Baggy Mum Jeans.

Book; Last month I went to Whitby, (insert weekly blog link here), and me and Paul went up to Whitby Abbey! Now Whitby is well known for its history of Dracula and it’s writer Bram Stoker,Β Short Historical Facts, so I couldn’t not buy a book on Dracula and it was just by absolute chance I found this absolute adorable book which is the original Dracula story by Stoker, look :)!

My inner Historian did a little inward squeal and I brought it. I do not regret it.

Dungeons and Dragons; So, this is my little inner nerd coming out. I am a huge nerd, I really am. I always have been and I know I have. Harry Potter was and is my childhood, so having grown up obsessed with witches and wizards, anything magical I am all for. So, when Paul starting taking part in Dungeons and Dragons, I honestly associated it with Big Bang Theory, nerds but loveable nerds. So I didn’t think too much in it, but when he told me how much of a good time he had I was very intrigued, I just didn’t want to admit it. But, last month I created a character and I took part in 2 sessions with Paul and his loooovely group of friends. One session was short and the other was 1pm-9pm on a Saturday, I was exhausted but it felt good. So, when we went to Whitby my lovely man brought me my first set of dice and I brought myself a book to write my chosen spells in, yes you guessed it, I chose to be a wizard. She is named Darlia Rowena and her character is based from the school ilvermorny in house Wampus. Now, enough about the game, here is my favourite things I have brought for it;

So this months favourites are a little different to lasts, but, they will change every month for me :). I hope you enjoyed this post, I am loving doing these. I just get so many things I love every month :).

See you in October :)!

With love, Charlotte x


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