Film review; Beauty and the Beast, why I love it so much. πŸ“Ή

Now, there is NO denying that Beauty and the Beast is one of my absolute favourite Disney ever :D. So the release of the 2017 version I was praying was absolutely going to do it justice…


And it did! :D. The film was absolutely beautiful and I could not be any happier that this film had Emma Watson playing Belle. She is the only person, in my eyes, that could fill the boots of Belle and do it 100% well. She absolutely nailed it!! The film had me crying from start to finish, I cried when Emma first sang, I cried when the beast and Belle threw snowballs at one another, I cried when they first danced together and I cried when it ended after the awful fight :(. So i basically cried the whole way through.


Disney did themselves absolute justice with how well they pulled off this disney real life adaptation, they kept to the true story line and they literally changed nothing. There was comedy to it though which was kind of cool and the costumes ❀ omg!!!! The costumes were insane. They got Belles dress 100% right and I was absolutely thrilled with the whole lot of it :’) yes I brought it when it came out on DVD and no I don’t regret it! It is 10/10 for me and still my absolute fave. ❀

With love, Charlotte x


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