Short Historical facts with me, Charlotte 👩🏻‍💻

fact no.18


On this day in 1709, 308 years ago, marks the birth of Samuel Johnson.

Samuel Johnson is often referred to as Dr. Johnson. He was an English writer who also made lasting contributions to English Literature for being a;

  • poet
  • essayist
  • moralist
  • literary critic
  • biographer
  • and editor

Johnson was a committed Tory  and is described as being “arguably the most distinguished man of letters in English history”. The Dictionary of English Language was published later on in his life, being published around 1755. This work in particular brought Dr. Johnson popularity and a lot of future success. Until the full completed version of the Oxford English Dictionary was completed in 1859, Johnson’ dictionary was seen as the pre-eminent British Dictionary.

On appearance, Johnson was said to be a tall and robust man who had odd gestures and suffered with tics. However, after a series of illnesses, he died on the evening of 13 December 1784, and was buried in Westminster Abbey. In the years following up to his death, Johnson was gradually being recognised for having a lasting effect on literary criticism, and he was also said by some to be the only truly great critic of English literature of his time.With love, Charlotte x


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