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On this day, 484 years ago, the birth of England’s later to be Queen is born, Queen Elizabeth 1st.

Elizabeth was the daughter to King Henry VIII and Queen Anne Boleyn, she was their first, and only, child together and although Anne was over joyed with her daughter, it was not the son and heir that had been promised from her to her King and Husband, Henry.

Henry VIII at the time of Elizabeth 1st only had one male son, Henry Fitzroy first Duke of Richmond and Somerset. Unfortunately though Fitzroy was a bastard child due to his mother, Elizabeth Blount, being a lady in waiting to the former Queen Katherine of Aragon so in Henrys eyes he had no true male heir and as a king, this scared him. Henry had broken the Catholic church to be with Anne for he felt a younger, more attractive and feisty Queen was just who he needed by his side, plus the fact his 1st wife had been married to his older brother who had died, Albert, so his loss of boy children with Katherine for him was a sign that he had sinned and God would not grant him a male son under this marriage.


Elizabeth was born at three o’clock in the afternoon, of 7th September 1533, and although we know Elizabeth to have been one of the greatest Queens to have ever ruled England, her father was disappointed with her sex. He said only to Anne Boleyn that “we are young, I’m sure boys will follow”or something along those lines, for Anne felt this was her doing. They were not very knowledgeable of the female body or reproduction system back in the 16th century so the men believed it was down to the woman which sex of the baby was born, when today we know it is down to the sperm from a man.

However, although the baby’s gender may have disappointed the King, Elizabeths birth showed that Anne Boleyn was fertile and could carry a healthy baby to full term. This gave the glimmer of hope that boys WOULD follow for she had had no struggle during her pregnancy of birthing of her child. Unfortunately, Elizabeth was to be Anne Boleyn’s only living child before her execution in 1536, she did however have a few miscarriages, one of which was said to be taking the form of a boy just before she has lost it.

Elizabeth may not have been a boy, but, it is known that her hair and temper showed the sides of her father. She was described as the son Henry never had, for her temper was fiesty, the love for her country fierce and she showed no signs of being a weak and feeble woman. She was truly marvellous once she came to the throne after her younger brother Edward died and her older sister Mary, aka Bloody Mary, had also died.

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