August monthly favourites! 2017 πŸ“Œ

Welcome to my first monthly favourites! This august post consists of my favourites from this and last month because I obviously didn’t do a July one and since it was my birthday last month, of course I am going to have favourites from then! πŸ™‚ so without further a due, lets kick this monthly favourites off! ❀


So! These are my August beauty favourites! :D.

The two mascaras featured are Maybelline Lash Sensation (Lash Sensation) and Maybelline Great Lash (Great Lash). I have chosen these two because combined and worn together, they make your eyelashes look INSANE! They really get to the root of the eye lash and make them bop out. I have used both for quite a while now but especially the Great Lash Mascara and then when I discovered the Lash Sensation I was just blown away and have used both together for a good 3-4 months now.

Next, is a favourite of everyones I reckon but I had to include it! It is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (Concealer). The coverage from this concealer is insane, it lasts me all day and covers my bags/blemishes up so well and if ever asked by anyone for a concealer recommendation, I 100% recommend them this. I put it on before I apply my foundation and then again when I have as I feel this really gives you a good coverage.

And finally for the beauty section, I have chosen a lip balm. Now if you’re like me I always tend to have dry lips, so I buy these in bulk and different shines. This one is the Nivea Peach Shine (Fruit Shine) and I love it! Each lip balm gives you a colour bop and makes it really subtle on your lips. I always have at least three around at one time and keep one in my bag, one in my room and the other usually in my pocket. They just keep your lips moisturised loads. Huge thumbs up from me.

I mentioned here in a recent post about a few more make-up favourites too, come check it out if you haven’t already!Β A review AND a favourite; make-up edition! πŸ’„< b>Skin care;<<
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Next category is Skin Care. I have mentioned one of these favourites before (CLICK ME!) and that is my Tea Tree Cleanser and 2 and a half years on I am still using it. I have found as I am getting older (I am 23 now but feel about 50 sometimes) I have gotten oily skin in my T-Zone, chin and nose area which I mentioned recently in my L’Oreal Pure Clay mask, review βœοΈπŸ’»Β but it hasn’t mattered even with getting this problem this stuff has STILL kept my skin feeling awesome! So, I would really recommend this to anyone (Cleanser).<br
e-up wipes are something I have used for about 2-3 months now and they're the only ones I have found my skin really reacts well too, I think my skins a little sensitive sometimes so with these wipes being soft and gentle on the skin they work awesomely for me,Β The Skinsystem. Dental;

I chose to include Dental in here as since I have spoken about how I have been having issues with my dental health for the past 10 months (Health update πŸ‘©πŸ»β€βš•οΈ) finally, finally my gums seem to be liking me again! Yes, I have got to go back to the dentist next month but, this is to have one last check up as my gums should finally be clear :)! Which really is a huge relief. I have however for the past 2-3 months now been using this Listerine Teeth and Gums mouth wash (along with different toothpaste and little gum cleaning tools) and I and my dentist have noticed the difference. It has been a huge thumbs up for me and it really does get in and clean your gums. It makes your tongue go a little funny (Paul even said this to me) but it’s quite funny actually. And it works, it really does. (GRAB ME HERE!)

Birthday presents;Β 

This section is my presents from last month, I hope you don’t mind, but I am still SO obsessed with them <3. Paul, my partner, is honestly a diamond. He treats me like an absolute princess and always puts 100% effort into his presents he gets me. This birthday was no exception, he truly delivered. This perfume above is my favourite of all time. Eternity by Calvin Klein (Perfume). It has the most unique smell I have ever smelt and I just instantly love it the moment it’s on my skin! As you can see the bottle size here is HUGE! He’s a devil, but, least this will last me bloody ages! Haha, I think he did that on purpose, so there’s no hint from me anytime soon that I need any πŸ˜‰ (I know your game boyo) <3.


The Ted Baker “Knox” purse. I have not had a Ted Baker purse in YEARS! :o. Honestly, it’s been years, my mums got my old one! So, I love a good bag and purse they’re like my secret guilty pleasure.. except it’s not so secret now (ooops) but LOOK at it ❀ It is truly stunning. With Gold edges, a light blue top inside and then plentyyyy of card holders on the front and inside this purse is just a DREAM (Purses). I felt so spoilt when I saw this and couldn’t quite believe I had it. But, just like the perfume, I won’t need a new purse for ages now! So boy did good ;). And, if you didn’t see, these were my other gifts..

I did
a few months ago on a new obsession (CLICK ME!)Β I have.. well, it’s continued πŸ˜…. I have now got 10 funkos all together and I honestly LOVE them ❀️. I have now got;

Ezio from Assassins Creed 2, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Jack Harkness from Torchwood and then Effie and Peeta from The Hunger Games! Now, I haven’t brought any of these at full price! I shop around and look for my funkos, because, you can get them for good deals! My Ezio and Belle were Β£9 from Amazon, my Jack was from HMV in the sale for Β£9 and, by luck of the draw, my Effie and Peeta were from GAME for Β£5 each 😍. Absolute bargain. Funkos are originally around Β£15 a time and my Harry Potter and GoT funkos were all Β£15 each. So to shop around and get them else where is sometimes easier and nicer as sometimes they are expensive. So shop around guys! πŸ’Έ I love these little collectibles. They are just awesome!


Guess who did and completed ANOTHER Medieval Course? ME! πŸ™‹πŸ». The History of the Borgias is another Online Medieval Course I have done and successfully completed! I completed this course with a 92% which is my highest out of the 3 I’ve done.. so far ;). I want to do nearly all the ones I’m interested in that the page has to offer! So watch this space! πŸ’—

Β  So I hope you enjoyed my first monthly favourites! I am on the hunt for more to now include in next months, so, I’ll see you there! πŸ˜€

With love, Charlotte x


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