Book Review, “Three Sisters, Three Queens” by Philippa Gregory 📚

It’s monthly review time! And the first book I am reviewing is “Three Sisters, Three Queens” by Philippa Gregory. Again, I am reviewing Philippa as she is just AWESOME for historical fiction books and as I mentioned in my previous book review of her “The Boleyn Inheritance” (INSER LINK) I just love how she writes and the way in which she writes.

Three Sisters, Three Queens is an amazing book. Coming from the point of view of Margaret Stewart (Mary Queen of Scots Nan) she talks about her journey to becoming the Queen of Scotland, then being widowed, being remarried, being under siege by her new husband, being remarried and coming towards the end of her life.


Margaret also has her two sisters; Mary Tudor and Katherine of Aragon. She both loves and hates them at the same time sometimes, because she in her own right becomes a queen, a very powerful one at that. So having her sisters become higher then her can be a problem as her future child could, if her sisters don’t succeed in their God given right to produce a male heir, become the next King of England after her brother Harry, Henry VIII. So when her youngest sister gets married off to the foreign country France Margaret gets her heckles up, her sister is now a rival. And, undoubtably Katherine is already one for marrying Henry, Margaret is a Tudor Princess and the fact another foreign power is within her court, she hates this. Scotland and England needed binning together in the marital bed as well as forces and Margaret was the force for this.

The book is again in first person which of course I love to read in, it always feels much more personal and I feel you can connect with the author and the character more. So for me Philippa’s writing is amazing to me. She does it so well.

Philippa always writes about historical people that people are aware of but, don’t know too much on? Which I think is amazing as we’re learning more about these fantastic historical people, even if some of what is said has been constructed together to fit the time and story. She never takes it too far where it isn’t right though, so her sources and stories are reliable. I love her <3.

Here’s the blurb:

So yeah! If you fancy another historical fiction read then go pick this one up, I love it. A 10/10 from me! :D. On to my next months read now, I’ll give you a hint, the author is Philippa Jones ;). So, I’ll see you next month for another book review!

With love, Charlotte x


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