August thoughts πŸ’­

My thoughts for this month aim towards helping yourself, or someone else, feel good and positive about themselves.

August is a month that for a lot of people really does mean a lot. They could have a lot resting on the out come of this month and sometimes it might not work out how they like?

I’m referring to people receiving A Level results, GCSE results, Uni year exam results etc. This is something that for most people is a HUGE deal! And I know how that feels and trust me, I really do. When I was in my first year of college I was waiting to get my As Level results, I thought I might have scraped passes, I got 4 U’s. I had to restart all over again but I chose to go down a different route, then 2 years on I was coming out of college with a DMM (ABB) with Extended Diploma in Media Studies where I then got into uni. Then, 3 years later I was graduating with a BA Hons 2:2 History Degree from the University of Hull.

What I’m trying to say is, don’t let a little hurdle stop you. You can achieve great things, you really can, they just sometimes don’t come as quickly as you expected. Believe anything is possible though, because it is, and “put on your positive pants”.

With love, Charlotte x


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