Book Review, “A Matter of Heart” by Avery Michaels ðŸ“š

Last month I found Avery Michaels twitter (CLICK HERE!) and I saw she had a book, a book that she wanted people to review. I jumped at the opportunity and tweeted her! This is how it went;

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 08.24.20

So just after this Avery emailed me and we chatted, where she then sent me a free copy of the book to review (which was very generous of her) and, within 1 day I had the book read! :). The book “A Matter of Heart” may not be too long, but, it doesn’t need to be. The book is layered with emotion and the emotion does hit you page after page. But, that is what I loved about it!

Kalli and Andrew are two people that I feel were meant to meet, it was fate due to there backgrounds and what happens previously in their lives. They fall for one another very quickly, but, again I think this is some kind of fate, for they just know instantly that they can’t live without one another. Kalli is a daddys girl who does get whatever she wants and, Andrew is from the same background but due to past events has changed into someone that Kalli can’t help but want to be around. Andrew in my eyes brings out the best in Kalli, she needs someone to ground her and bring her to reality and he does that. He makes her more happy then money or material objects could. They value on another the way two people in love should, but, they also have their flaws. But, let’s be honest, who doesn’t.


They both have to face their demons, whether that be together or apart, so they do. They tackle them and some end good and some end bad. But, that is the rollercoaster of the book! It is a romantic novel for sure and I am a sucker for them! :D. I would give this book a good 9/10 and would recommend it to anyone. Click here to get your copy; A Matter of Heart

Again, I would like to thank Avery for my free copy of this book, I will definitely re-read this again in the future.

With love, Charlotte x


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