Round up, round up.. πŸ’«

So! After 7 weeks of weekly blogging I thought it might be best to round up my 2 months of weekly blogging.

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I have absolutely LOVED my weekly blogging! I have found it to be quite a reflective process in all honesty. Which for me has been an absolutely awesome experience! I have been able to reflect on everything I have been doing over the course of 7 weeks.. Like how could it not be reflective?!

I missed two weeks out in total and, that was simply because there was NOTHING going on for me to blog about those weeks.. Like sometimes I can just vegetate and stay home, where I write blog posts to schedule for future weeks and write other content for other things. And then just spend it recouping from things that have maybe gone on the week previous? You know? So yeah, that week nothing happened.

But, I did not feel bad about this as there was still 2 posts that went out that week! :D, my aim to have 2 posts a week going out every week since May 1st, has happened! *HIGH FIVE FOR ME* :D. So this then brings me onto the next topic; as long as I continue to put out 2 posts a week on my blog here, then, this is what will be happening. I will still do weekly blog posts, but I am going to cut this down to 1 a month. Let me tell you how this is going to now go starting August;

  1. 1 weekly blog post a month; I will choose which week this is because as I have described up top I don’t ALWAYS get up to stuff every week, so I will choose the most fun one.
  2. 2 monthly short Historical facts post. Need I say why?
  3. 1 monthly favourites post of things I have been loving for the whole month, so like YouTube monthly favourites, I will be posting blog monthly favourites.
  4. 1 monthly book review; I am trying very hard to keep my previous readers block away! So by setting myself 1 book a month to read, I WILL keep my readers block away, I am sure of it.
  5. The other 3 posts for the month however, will be something I just choose to write about, like surprises or thoughts/feelings or a TV/film review etc. They’re up for surprise! 3 monthly surprises on DBBloggerxoxo guys!

So! This is how it is now going to go :). I hope this is cool, as I think this is how it will go every month from now on. I have thought incredibly hard recently about the direction I want my blog posts to go in which obviously involves my blog future too. And, this is a decision I am very happy about after looking at my monthly postings I have published. Every post will be going live at 11am BST still as I like this time.

So! I would just like to thank EVERYONE who follows my blog, leaves likes, leaves comments etc. for the constant support you have shown me. We are not far off of 12,000 views now and have finally hit over 100 followers! It is crazy! Thank you, so so much. It means the world. ❀ ❀

With love, Charlotte x


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