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fact no.13

On this day 450 years ago, 1567, Mary Queen of Scots abdicated after much defeat to the Protestants at Carberry Hill.


In February 1567 Mary’s husband and cousin Darnley was found murdered. Darnley’s body was found outside of his house and this gave rise to speculation that he had then been murdered, by someone within Mary’s court, the Earl of Bothwell.

After Darnley’s death Mary waited three months before marrying the exact same Earl of Bothwell the main suspect in Darnley’s murder! In doing so Mary therefore turned the Scottish people against her, for in their eyes she was marrying her dead husband’s murderer. Due to this Bothwell was exiled and Mary was then forced to abdicate in July 1567. She was imprisoned in Lochleven Castle, Kinross-shire and her infant son James was made king above her at just 1 years old.

It is said that Mary and Darnley really did share a rough marriage, with their son James actually being conceived before their marriage for their actual married years did not see many happy times unfortunately. Darnley drank, gambled and whored, pushing Mary very willingly into the arms of Bothwell, for he showed a care for her at the time. Mary however was very unlucky in love for the men after the death of her first true love, the King of France Francis, were all mean and unpleasant too her or they were wanting her to give up her throne for them.

Do you think Bothwell killed Darnley? The odds do not seem in HIS favour to say the least (The Hunger Games helping me out there!)

With love, Charlotte x


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