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fact no.12

On this day 472 years ago, in 1545, Henry VIII’s newly released flagship The Mary Rose sank. This sinking caused the deaths of 700 people and it happened in the Solent which is on the south coast of England. Unfortunately, all Henry could do was sit and watch as his amazing refitted flagship sank.


The reason for this ships sinking is not 100% certain but there are a few theories people do believe are the cause;

  1. Overloaded;Β There is the possibility that the Mary Rose was overloaded with heavy equipment and even perhaps solider’s. The machinery was loaded in London and she made it as far as the Solent without any mishap, but, was there a gust of wind that just toppled her over into the sea and with the overload she just went?
  2. Human misunderstanding; This is the most likely reason for the sinking of the Mary Rose and is probably the most straightforward out of them all. It would appear that in the heat of battle with the French perhaps the captain or the crew made a slight mistake. It is said that the admiral called out that he had β€œthe sort of men that he could not rule” and this was the human error or was the actual case of this claim coming from the captains family who were trying to protect the family name after such an incident?
  3. French guns; And finally, French guns. There is no actual evidence to confirm this theory but a French officer at the battle said that the Mary Rose had been sunk by French guns. With a cannonball being blown low into the hull of the ship this would enable water to come in therefore making the ship unstable leading her to her fate.

Whatever the cause of the sinking, all three reasons I have given are 100% plausible. What’s your opinion? Let me know in the comments!

With love, Charlotte x


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