Book Review, “The Google checklist” The marketing edition 2016 ๐Ÿ“š

Now, The Google Checklist: Marketing Edition 2016 isn’t a book I thought I would be reviewing here on DBBloggerxoxo because in all honesty I didn’t know it was a thing :o.. But when I was asked to review this by #htblogger I did not want to pass up this opportunity as it sounded very interesting too me what with being a blogger and having had my Google+ account for over 4 years now.

So in a nutshell The Google Checklist is a book that is filled with information regarding;

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  • SEO
  • Wed Design
  • Paid Advertising
  • Social Media
  • PR

Now I don’t know about you but, whenever I see posts on peoples blogs regarding SEO, it doesn’t even matter how well the person has broken it down (and many do), explained it and spoke about it.. I still don’t get it?! :o. So when I saw this book would be talking about SEO I was thinking “please please be something I can begin to understand.. please” and in all honesty, I think I am now beginning to get it due to reading this! *HALLELUJAH* *HIGH FIVES SELF* โค

Written by Amen Sharma this book includes a brief description about Amen which in my opinion is lovely! I love learning about the author of a book so this was really good to me. Amen starts off by explaining why he went out into the world and started his own full time business, like any of us, he was fed up with the 9-5 work day! Like so so many people that choose to take up their own business outside of the 9-5 work time, which even though he explains about not having any clients he still went and did it! I loved this, it felt like he had guts and had faith in his own business, so immediately the book spiked my interest.

The book first off starts with discussing domain names and with having only recently brought mine for my blog this was something that interested me. I learnt about what peoples domains should end with if you lived in the UK or US which of course was not something I wasn’t aware of till reading this. Reading further forward I read that platforms Amen recommended for blogging on did include WordPress, which was something I was very happy about what with having been on the site for 3 years myself now, and also Magento. Amen goes on to explain some of the benefits of WordPress which include; SEO Friendly and Open source platform giving you access to thousands of pre built plugins + scripts,ย along with many other benefits too.

As you work your way through the book you begin to see that Amen has broken down every aspect to using Google, Blogging and Small Companies so that people reading can see the benefits, the good benefits, but also what people should and should not be doing. For example, how when you receive an email from a brand how this should and then shouldn’t look. It gives you example of a branded email that you as a blogger or business would not want to respond to or entertain because it is not advertising the brand or business well. However, he does then show you an email you would like to receive and should entertain if you are interested. This was interesting to me, as I have had brands/people email me with the email that should not be entertained and I’ve actually entertained a few of them before for them to go just as Amen explained.. wrong. The branding/people have not done what they promised and when then emailed about it, have just ignored it and you’ve never heard from them again. So lesson learnt :D.

Amen also shows you the sites in which you should really as a blogger, brand or business be on. This included every site I am on; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest & Google+. ย Where he also then explains how these sites should therefore be used in order to promote you and your things properly. This was again interesting to me as I was then comparing how I actually use these sites myself to promote my blog, and the only one I didn’t seem to be using to its full potential is Facebook with having a blogging business page.. Something I may now have to start using much more in the future.

Overall I was just very very happy with the read I had had of this book. It gave me as a blogger a much better view into how I as a blogger should be seeing, interacting and going about things and I personally feel people who are new to blogging, owning a business or starting a brand should read this book to be able to start all of these in the correct way. Amen’s book is incredibly helpful and will be one I know I will go back to if there is something that pops up within the blogging community that I may not 100% understand.

The Google Checklist; Marketing Edition 2016 is available to buy via Amazon; (click the link below) and I hope you guys find this as helpful as I did when reading it.

With love, Charlotte x


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