The Six Wives of Henry VIII: Monarchy and Matrimony in Tudor England; Medieval Courses. πŸŒΉ

So after my previous post regarding my Anne Boleyn course I took and completed back in April, I once again found myself on Medieval Courses Online ( partaking in another online course “The Six Wives of Henry VIII: Monarchy and Matrimony in Tudor England”.

Working out relatively cheap for me at $20 (using a discount code I had previously been sent) I officially started on April 23rd! :D.

This course consisted of 7 modules all together, which had either an Audio or Transcript of the course’s content showing me what I needed to listen to and use to complete the task at hand. I again chose to have the transcripts each time as I really do prefer to read for modules and work as the content within the transcript would help me answer the questions below to be able to pass the module.

After all 7 modules, I passed with a very very happy grade of 76%! ❀ I am once again so so happy with how well I did, it just proves that my passion for Tudor history really is my passion as my courses I’ve taken shows this with my results and also my modules I took regarding Medieval history at Uni also showed this. Again I am so happy I did this course.

With love, Charlotte x


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