Weekly Blog 2; 12th-18th June 2017 🙋🏻💜

Welcome, to my second weekly blog! Lets do this!! 😀


Monday, 12th June; So today me and my Mum are off to Birmingham for mums main birthday present from me and my little sister, Ciara. We’re off to Birmingham to attend the “Peaky Tours!!” :D. That’s right, we were off on a tour about the real Peaky Blinders of Birmingham. I initially had to tell mum we were going because she’s a nurse so getting time off of work has to be done in advance in the NHS (like most jobs really now) so this wasn’t 100% of a surprise for her, what was a surprise was how much she took in and genuinely enjoyed. And I say this for the fact that yes, I might be a history nerd but this definitely doesn’t come from my mum (no matter how much of my best friend she is) it most definitely comes from my dad! And she will strongly agree with my there haha!

First off; The journey TOO Birmingham. Nightmare. Absolute NIGHTMARE. Google maps on my phone (yes I’m blaming the maps) took us down country lanes that made us go back past houses and villages that looked like they were going to harvest us.. No joke! It was ridiculous the amount of time it took us to get to Birmingham.. Tempers rose a little. BUT! We arrived safe and sound. First stop was Wagamama’s and oh my god, was it worth it! My chicken Katsu Curry, was just ❤ I love it so so much, look at it; FullSizeRender

We then proceeded to do SOME shopping and I came home with this gorgeous ZARA shirt! Honestly, the moment I saw it it was love;

Look at all the little cacti on this shirt. ZARA have upped their game massively and this summer I am hugely into my shirts and deni, I absolutely love it this year, so this shirt will just got with my denim skirt and shorts. Mum wasn’t hugely fond, but I was! :D. Next we then headed off to The Old Crown for 6:30 an this pub was gorgeous! Very Tudor based and I just couldn’t wait to get inside. The tour itself was guided by Professor/ Historian Carl Chinn and he is a truly awesome man! His tours are so so informative, he really knows his stuff! We started off with an hour in the pub listening to back stories of the history of Birmingham and who the real Peaky Blinders were. However different to the series it may be what with it being a dramatisation, this still didn’t put me or mum off and what was to come;

Yes, we met a Peaky Blinder, a PEAKY BLINDER!!! <3. This was truly amazing as from a far the man who was our peaky looked so much like Cillian Murphy! Me and Mum nearly wet our knickers!! Over all our tour was amazing, we both loved it and I think mum really enjoyed her birthday present.



Tuesday, 13th June; 1:30am, we arrive home from Birmingham. We left the tour at 10:00pm, getting back to the car and things we set off at 10:45pm to head home. We naturally rocked up home with a McDonald’s too! Score!!! <3. We made a cuppa and came to bed, both absolutely loving life but shattered at the same time. By 9:00am, I was awake. My new laptop was arriving today and my excitement was huge! Or so I thought. My laptop didn’t arrive :(, I was p***ed off! Absolutely was. But we spent the day watching Peaky Blinders and being exhausted. We napped, we watched etc.


Wednesday, 14th June; MY LAPTOP ARRIVED!!! <3. But first I had the doctors for a gum check up. As you may know I got told I had slight gum disease last October and I wrote all about it here for TheSPG: TheSPG. And I have had more visits to the dentist since last October then I have in a year ever. But, dental health is key and due to family members experiences with teeth I was worried about what this outcome may be! But, thankfully, after some chizzling away at my teeth (twice now without numbing cause the needle scares me too much) some tough loving with my teeth from myself, my teeth are FINALLY clearing up! My dentist said he is happy he caught it early on and so am I. BUT, my new laptop.. this, this stunning Acer Chromebook in Gold, weighing next to nothing and 14″ screen is beautiful. My Macbook was the Macbook out before the first Pro, initially it is 7 years old. So, after many separation issues, I had to update. Now, I won’t lie I found it hard to get use too, as it is so sooo different. But, I’m getting there. My only query, I can’t download iTunes for my music, so memory stick with all my music on is needed instead. But! Apple is so expensive and with this being a good dupe to the Macbook Air, it is stunning. Really really flawless and light.

Friday, 16th June; So today I went to physio for my back, I won’t explain why now as a post is coming out soon on why. So for now, just know, I had physio on my back today and it hurt. A lot. Tomorrow however will be a better day, and you’ll find out why on Monday.. How cruel of me I know ;).. But, I shall see you then! :D.


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With love, Charlotte x


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