Book Review, “Dream House” by Marzia Bisognin ๐Ÿ“š

So it’s another book reviewing time! And this time I have chosen to review “Dream house” written by Writer and Youtuber, Marzia Bisognin. I brought this book back in December, but, at the beginning of this year I suffered from a huge amount of “readers block” which is nothing like “writers block” it’s on a whole other scale. But, that will be in a whole other post in the next couple of weeks (look out for it if any of you have been suffering with anything similar). But, around the beginning of May I thought to myself “I have had enough! I NEEEEEED to read” I had 4 unread books in my iBooks and I wanted them read, since reading is a huge importance to me and having readers block was really beginning to get me down. I had gotten half way on Marzia’s book and really did love the direction it was heading in.. my brain just didn’t want

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