The Life of Anne Boleyn; Medieval Course. πŸŒΉ

In January this year I realised that perhaps I should of gone and done my Masters straight after graduating.

What an opening line hey? It gets better honestly. I was just missing my Uni Education (yeah, REALLY) and in all honesty, being constantly busy. Uni had taken up such a huge proportion of my 3 years away from home and I just wasn’t use to the change. So, I needed something academic to do, I needed something to focus my historical interest into, another place other then my blog, and I stumbled by a HAPPY coincidence upon this site called Medieval Courses Online (

On this I found my course, the one thing I NEEDED to do. A course called The Life of Anne Boleyn which has been put together by Claire Ridgeway an amazing historian and it was also on offer at $40! Working out relatively cheap for me. And officially on January 30th I started! :D.

This course consisted of 15 modules all together, which had either a Video, Audio or Transcript of Claire herself talking or her writing talking about the module specifications you needed to complete the task at hand. I chose to have the transcripts each time as I prefer to read, which then meant the content within the transcript would help me answer the questions below to be able to pass the module.

So after all 15 modules, I passed with a very very happy grade of 80.4%! ❀ I am so so happy with how well I did. So, if anyone was wondering whether online courses are worth it, they are! I looked forward to going online, doing my module and reading things on Anne Boleyn (my FAVOURITE historical figure) that I didn’t even know?! :D. And I am so happy I did this, that I plan to pay for more courses within the site and get them passed too :’).


With love, Charlotte x


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