The Follow Meter App; I LOVE YOU. ðŸ“±

A few months ago I was looking at my Instagram and thinking “why on earth do I follow so many more people then what are following me? Like HOW?!” at the time I’d been seeing my follows go up (I was aiming for my 700) but then they were going back down as quickly as they were up!? Confused? Me too! It was confusing as anything. But, then I started following @mariajblogs on twitter and she released a post called “Free Apps you need if you’re a Blogger” so I checked it out!




And on this post, I found this app called Follow Meter, which Maria described saying “Ever since Instagram changed things up and brought in their algorithm, it has been one of the hardest platforms to grow your following, it’s been made even worse recently by people playing the follow – un follow game or buying their followers. So to keep on top of the instagram game and catch out people who have just followed me to unfollow i use the “Followers” app

And I thought, “THAT’S IT! I need this app” so I downloaded it and to my horror, over 700 people I followed didn’t follow me back? Even though at one point or another, they did?! As Maria said, people have been doing the old “following” then “unfollowing” game recently, like far too much and it;s so annoying because, it just seems so unfair to the people trying to make genuine connections over Instagram etc.

So with that, I sat down and went through my “unfollowers” and cleared my stream up loads! :D. it made my Instagram shuffle through the crap and brought the people I wanted to see forward! And I love it. I still use it, so all you “followers” then “unfollowers” I see you, just incase you didn’t realise! :).

Go check this app out though if you didn’t know it existed! It’s a life saver.


With love, Charlotte x


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