Blogging; my honest opinion! ðŸ¤”👩🏻‍💻

Honesty time.

So it’s honesty time. Since 2017 has started I have been doing a lot of thinking about what I want my future career to be and evolve around. For nearly 3 years now I have been blogging here over on DBBloggerxoxo and I absolutely love my blog, I wouldn’t bother putting money, time and effort into everything I create for it if I didn’t. But, recently I’ve asked myself if I want this to be my actual full time job? And the answer is, I don’t really know.

Let me start by saying this is in no way me saying I won’t blog anymore, like last month and this month and the next etc. I will still continue to put 2 posts a week out there for you guys as this is where I feel my writing really does come across and shine as me. Paul, my partner, actually said to me the first time we met that I write on here how I speak, which I found very hard to understand? Like how could I sound how I type on a keyboard? I thought he was just trying to impress me, but when I sat and went back through my blog I realised that I knew what he meant. On here I literally write how I feel and how I want which for me is the beauty about blogging, you can be yourself and express how you feel. I just don’t know whether this is something I do want to make into a full time thing? I don’t know if whether this would stop me from enjoying blogging and to honest, that scares me.

My career has always evolved around me wanting to go off into the Historical Field and become that little historian I know I am and can be. Which is why I have looked into certain historical fields a lot more recently and certain jobs I can go into once I’ve achieved my MA in Art History in a year or twos time. Also, I’ve always has a dream of becoming an author! So being a Historian as well as an Author is something I do want to put my full career choices into in the foreseeable future.

So, I’ve thought about it quite a lot to be honest and I have decided that my blog is going to be the place where I just be me. Not things that social media and it’s audiences expect me to put out there to be able to gain views, likes and follows, just things for me and my followers who do genuinely enjoy what I write about. So I’m going to list what will be the crack here;

  1. I will still stick to my niche of: Books, Historical, Life and Review, for these things are literally everything I love to write and share about. So no change there.
  2. I will still be doing reviews on things that people contact me about, like reviews and opinions etc or if certain opportunities come my way that I would LIKE to get involved with, I will be.
  3. I will continue to interact with people who like and comment on here, but, I will not be writing content just to impress people or stay “in the loop” I’ve tried that before and I have effectively deleted all content like that on here as it wasn’t ME.
  4. I will continue with 2 weekly posts like said previously.




So over all I just want my blog to be for ME not society or clicks. I see people creating blogs everywhere now and this makes me so happy for them as they’re being expressive and showing what they love to do, but what does upset me, is seeing people making blogs but creating content to fit with the rest of the people. I think having a blog should be about expressing YOUR interests, your likes, your loves etc. Like my historical posts, I know they won’t appeal to everyone, I know that BUT I know there are a select few out there it will and that makes me more happy then impressing EVERYONE. And, I love my historical posts, they make me happy.

So, this is just an update about where my DBBloggerxoxo is going and how I want it to continue, I am very happy and in love with my blog and it’s content. And the people that DO follow, like and comment on my posts, thank YOU. You guys make it worth it and I hope you continue to like what I put out there. We’re nearly at 100 followers on here, well over 10,800 blog hits, 800 followers on Instagram and well over 1,300 followers on Twitter. So THANK YOU so much for your continued support, it means the world. Thanks guys :).

With love, Charlotte x


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