Fifty Shades Darker, film review! πŸŽ₯

It’s film review time! πŸ˜€ and I am so so soooo excited for this one :’)…


YES! Fifty Shades Darker was released on February 10th, yet, I’m only just reviewing it. Well, I’ve unfortunately been so busy I’ve not had the time. BUT it’s here now so that’s all that matters.

Now, I did see the first film, I just appear to have not reviewed it on here! I did however do a release post of the film trailer,Β 50 shades of Grey trailer finally realised!, which told you all on the release date etc. So, FSOG. I did love the film, I did. I loved the characters actors, I loved the way it did keep to the book relatively well, I loved how certain scenes were portrayed.. I did however NOT love the directors approach on the film. For me as a previous Media Studies student I found the director here to enjoy Mid Shots far too much. At certain points when the film COULD have done with a Close Up there wasn’t, therefore making me feel like the intimacy the film sometimes needed, gone. So when they announced that the FSD and FSF (Fifty Shades Freed) had a new director I did sigh a slight bit of relief as I thought the films now had a chance to be portrayed differently, in a nicer way.

And boy did it! The new film, FSD, is portrayed great in every single way possibly! FSD for me was absolutely spectacular and I really really loved it. New characters Jack Hyde and Eleanor Lincoln were depicted just spot on, making me hate them both. Because their characters are both jack asses. BUT! That makes me feel like the actors and production have done their jobs right!


Christian and Ana’s relationship is stepped up a whole new level, they admit their love for one another.. Ana doing it again. And they get engaged.. ENGAGED! ❀ it’s beautiful. The relationship is all different now to Ana’s “no rules, no punishments and no secrets” rule, making Christian be more open, more honest and just more.. more.

So, this film if anything has just made me so much more excited for the next! I CAN’T WAIT! And if you haven’t seen it, GO SEE IT! Take a girlfriend, or boyfriend, or just anyone who will see it with you :). And enjoy!


With love, Charlotte x


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2 thoughts on “Fifty Shades Darker, film review! πŸŽ₯

  1. Personally i don’t rate the films, i am a lover of the books i just feel the film leaves a lot out, I don’t feel myself sitting on the edge of my sit whereas reading the book made you addicted and want to read more and more and not want to put the book down. I suppose its the same with all books that become films, its so limited as to what they can show on the screen especially with the content of films such as fifty shades.
    Interesting though, i am doing my diseration on sexual consumerism and thats including films that sell towards the sex industry including 50 shades. nice review though.

    1. In all honesty the books are my favourite, I will agree with you there, but for adaptation wise I much much muchhhh preferred how the director took on this film, the first one didn’t portray it well at all and it bugged me.
      I think in this one they were a little more graphic but as you say they are limited to what they can show because then, when does the line draw to this becoming just a full on porno, Yano? :/.

      Your dissertation sounds really interesting though! πŸ˜€ I’d love to read more in that topic :). I did mine on whether there was more sexual equality or sexual inequality for women within the roles of work, marriage and motherhood in 17th century England πŸ™‚ so quite different to yours but I really love the sound of it.

      Thank you for the nice comment on my review though :D!

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