Gilmore Girls, S.3-4 series review! ✏️

More Gilmore Girls series review posts, lets dive straight into it! If you haven’t seen my previous post on season 1-2 be sure to check it out as this MAY confuse you 😐 so do go read this (insert link here)


Season 3;

Season 3 starts with Rory’s attraction to new boy in town, Jess, grows stronger and her new current boyfriend Dean can’t ignore what is going on which is sad to see as he loves her so much and you like to hope she loves him too? I think she does but she’s just torn, but either way, it’s messed up. However, this situation ends their relationship :(. Immediately becoming a couple, Jess and Rory don’t get straight forward happiness from people, equalling them to not be so PDA with one another. I found these scenes hard to watch because you cans see Rory is torn and both boys just love her. I do however, feel happier when she’s with Jess? Dean in my eyes was a bit of a push over maybe? And Jess has that “bad boy”appeal? And you can tell he really likes her.. apart from when he dramatically leaves at the end of the season.. But you catch my drift :D.

But seeing Lorelai become the owner of a place called “The Dragonfly” is awesome! She finally has her own focus and her OWN inn. Her dream. I feel so happy for her :’).


Season 4;

So seeing Rory Graduate in the last season, seeing Rory move to Yale University was great! Reminded me of moving to Hull and being so upset the first week I was there I rang my mum every night crying! So you can see me now not feeling stupid about that story seeing Rory need her mum to come stay with her the first night there :D. Rory cuts her hair making her look so much older, Lorelai starts dating a man within her fathers business but keeps it a secret and her business at the Dragonfly is kicking off! But, the nicest one for me this season was seeing that towards the end of the season, Luke accepts that he is in love with Lorelai!!!! 😀 I was beyong thrilled about this! The pair finally kiss on the Dragonfly’s opening night, however the same night, Rory sleeps with a now MARRIED Dean.


OOOOOO DRAMA! In the next post I will go through season 5-7 and round them all up as to which season was my fave! 😀 I hope you enjoyed this as much as the last, so until next time..

With love, Charlotte x


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