Gilmore Girls, S.1-2 TV Series review! ✏️

Last year while at Uni, I became aware that Gilmore Girls was making a come back with a 7th season! Now, Gilmore girls was something I watched when I was younger but for the life of me I couldn’t place certain faces or episodes! SO! With it apaearing back on Netflix I thought, why no re-watch it alllllll over again, start to end, so I have been and I want to give you a run down of my favourite parts of each season of this show because I forgot how much I loved it! 😀

Season 1;

First off I love how they introduce Lorelai Gilmore and Rory Gilmore! A single mother who’s relationship with her daughter is like best friends, it reminded me so much of my relationship that me, my mum and my sister have! My mums a single parent (a bloody good single mother at that) and me and my sister are incredibly close to her and each other <3. So seeing this situation in a TV Series was so cool to me! Season 1 to me was just me establishing in my head who the characters were and what they were about, I found that the scenes with Rory, Lorelai and her parents became my favourite, as Lorelai’s witt and sarcasm towards he parents remarks to her just made season 1 so much more funny for me. Also, you see Lorelai trying her hardest to support her child, whithout help, but realising that perhaps she can’t do that? So seeing her bend over backwards as a character for her daughter, was heartwarming to me.

Gilmore Girls season 1 poster.jpg

Season 2:

Now, with season 2, I found I loved watching Rory’s scenes at school so enjoyable? The different snooty nosed kids she met, just intrigued me. But, also showed me just how down to earth and warm hearted Rory actually was! Lorelai’s personality and witt definitely rubbed off on her daughter as within these school scenes you too see Rory being a lighthearted witty girl but achieving above and beyond. Lorelai’s relationship with Rory’s school teacher however, Max, to me didn’t really interest me. I found him quite a boring dull character and Lorelai, in my eyes belonged with Luke, who worked at the local dinner in there town. He matched her sarcasm and witt and they just made a much better pair then her and Max, but! That’s just my opinion.


So! In my next post on the Gilmore Girls I will talk about season 3-4 :D! I hope you enjoyed this as I want to start doing more “review” posts like this :’). So until then…

With love, Charlotte x


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