I have a new obsession.. FUNKO POPS! πŸ‘§πŸ»πŸ‘¦πŸ»

I got another confession to make…

Well, A confession, not another one but, thanks Foo Fighters, you helped me out there! :D.

So, in my first year of Uni for easter my lovely Nan brought me these two strange looking, but also familiar looking, tiny but big headed “toys”? These were the faces of Tyrion and Daenerys from GoT! And they were in a box saying “POP!”, I had no clue what they were but I instantly loved them to bits. BUT rookie mistake, I took them out of their boxes and threw the boxes away.. BLOODY HELL CHARLOTTE!

During Uni I couldn’t justify going out and spending the money on these things because lets be honest, food is the main priority for a student once rent and books come out of their loan. So now I have a job, I’m on my year out from Uni, I’m back home till September (when something BIG happens) and I thought, you know what, I’m going to start treating myself to these! I started making a little list of the ones I wanted and I have a total of 18 I want to get besides the 4 I already have :).

So I thought I would share with you guys (well, the ones that are remotely interested) the Funko Pop’s I currently have! Here goes;



No explanation needed, I am such a BIG Harry Potter fan and always have been. So, HP Funkos were to be expected I’m afraid. I got Harry Potter from my lovely boyfriend Paul this Christmas just gone (as well as another down below) and I recently treated myself to Herimone last month. She arrived when I was in bed in March with an awful, awful cold and I thought she was arriving a day or two later then she did. BUT she arrived the day I felt shocking.. it’s like she knew :P. (I also got brought Hermione’s wand for Valentines from Paul, I am beyond lucky I know, so my HP feels feel very complete right now)



Like I mentioned above, the two GoT funkos do not have their boxes 😦 because I was stupid and had no clue these were collectables till very recently. But, aren’t they cute?!?! I love them so much. And my Doctor Who funko was again another gift from Paul for Christmas! I love Doctor Who but David Tennant is my fave doctor closely followed by Matt Smith, so of course I needed myself a Doctor funko!

So this is my collection so far! I will for sure do more posts like this the more I collect/receive. I have come to realise lately, in fact I think I’ve always known, that I am a bit of a geek :D. Whether this be with my future career choice I want to pursue or my favourite things to watch and read about, I am a big geek and I am 100% happy with this πŸ˜€ LONG LIVE BEING A GEEK!

With love, Charlotte x


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