The Theory of Everything Film review! πŸ“

From my post on Fantastic Beasts and where to find them ( and The Danish Girl; (, I think you guys might be starting to realise that I like Eddie Redmayne as an actor! And I honestly really do. I think he is a fab actor and is really showing his true potential in every film he is in.

Recently me and mum didn’t know what film to watch on a Sunday, it was raining and it was a miserable day. So! We browsed Netflix together and this film itself popped up and this film had been, if I’m 100% honest, avoiding! Simply because I knew what the theme of the story was and people suffering with MND (Motor Neurone Disease) is something that I find pretty hard to watch and learn about because I hate the fact of watching someone just deteriorate, to me this is so so sad and I hate the idea of watching that. So knowing that Eddie is playing Steven Hawking and that this is what his condition is, it’s hard for me.

But, I thought “charlotte, get a grip” so I did.

And this film massively flawed me, it was absolutely beautiful in every way possible! ❀

The way in which Hawking’s meets his wife, to me, was beautiful. She meets him right in the moment where this MND is just beginning to effect him and he’s been given a life expectancy of 2 years. Horrible right? But, he tries his hardest to push her away inevitably pulling her more towards him. She tells him to get up and moving one day when he says he doesn’t want to see her, she demands he gets up to come play croquet with her or it will be the last time he see’s her, so, with that said he gets up and stops feeling sorry for himself. This is where their relationship starts to blossom massively, the picture below is them at the end of year ball at Uni which is something Hawkings finds hard to enjoy as he doesn’t dance?! But, he is letting someone in gradually and they’re falling for one another more.

Once married, the pair have a baby! Their first child and they show all the signs of two people that love one another so much. His condition has and is getting more and more worse but they are coping and doing what married couples do; pull together when times get tough.

Steven refuses to accept help though and is very very stubborn about this, because he wants to be a normal family! He doesn’t want any attention drawn to them but, it is already there. He’s now a doctor in his science theory and he is trying his hardest to achieve his goals and not let his condition stop him. But, his wife meets someone at a choir group who offers help, with a hidden meaning.

As the film progresses you see the marriage beginning to sway even though the pair are still very much together, they both get eyes for other people, her because she finds someone who helps her care for her husband and him because his new nurse after becoming immobile helps him learn to talk with his eyes to communicate. They both find comfort in others, because their relationship has become so strained due to Stephens condition. Which in the end, does end in a divorce, but an amicable one in my eyes. It is never something either are butter about and they still show such love to one another for their 3 kids to see.

This film in my eyes is beautiful though! It is played out and portrayed so so well by all the actors. And an absolute must see if you haven’t! I would definitely give it a 10/10 and is for sure one of my favourites now :).

With love, Charlotte x


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