American Horror Story S.6 review! πŸ“

So! A while ago I did a review on my favourite AHS (American horror story) series,, but not long after this they released their 6th season..Typical right??  So I thought that it would be good to review S.6 on it’s own as I want to be consistent πŸ˜‰.

So, AHS S.6; My Roanoke Nightmare.

Before S.6 was released there was so so much hype built up over this season, many different teasers, rumours & it truly was surrounded by speculation! But that’s because the creators of this show truly can go anywhere with this programme! There is no limits in any way at all as AHS is all about pushing the boundaries on every way possible. So in my opinion, I thought, that this season may have had to do with Slender Man! Because to me that whole myth about this tall, skinny, “slender” figure appearing and taunting people really does fascinate me? (I’ve mentioned before my minds a little out there) but because the show has lent towards aliens before and weird abductions, I thought it might sway this way.. But oh no. It went so much more sinister then that. The Roanoke season was beyond gross, full of blood, guts and weird creatures + people.

The picture below was one of the release pictures that got released during all the speculation and it definitely set up a huge “blood” theme to it. What with blooded hooks and chains, it doesn’t exactly spell out party does it? 😐

In fact, this picture does some up what the season was truly all about, blood and death. Now, at the time of this season being on air I was writing for a company called BlastingNews & I rounded up the show all the way to Episode 6, so read this to get a general jist before carrying on;

Creepy right? 😐 So when episode 6 kicks in this starts the end of the season, all the people within the first few episodes are bundled together in this big creepy house and the only people taking it seriously are the real life people, the actors don’t believe any of what they filmed for the documentary reenactment actually happened and believe they will be fine. If only.

There is only 2 surrviours from the house stint. The amazing Sarah Paulson playing Audrey Tindall and new comer Adina Porter who plays Lee Harris. Lee ends up having this huge in the public eye experience because of confessing to killing her daughters (Flora) father, because she believes this is why Flora has gone missing in the beginning because of what she’s done. Then, Roanoke takes a huge turn, Lee is then finding herself being interviewed by none other then Lana Winters from my favourite AHS season Asylum.

The series then ends with Lee having to sacrifice her soul in order for her daughters too be saved and to make her daughter truly happy again too, it makes her daughter happy to see her mum sacrificing herself for her because Flora knows mummy killed daddy. Twitsted huh?

But, my favourite bits about this season are the few links that I’ve discovered there are;

  1. The word “croatoan” which is used within this series quite a lot is mentioned, although briefly, in S.1 of murder house. It is mentioned by the psychic lady who is again played by Sarah Paulson in the season.
  2. In S.4 you meet Dandy Mott, the nasty nasty man who is obsessed with the creepy clown man and becomes a mass murder in the show. In S.6 Edward Mott, Dandys ancestor, is brought in and shows a fine example of the families long line on mental instabilities explaining why Dandy is like he is.
  3. And again, the Lana Winters connection with Lees interview.

So, all in all I felt the series was good. It wasn’t a fave as it did too and throw slightly, sometimes leaving a little “what the hell has just happened” sort of thing, because, it was very random and also a bit more gorey then usual. BUT I do think the links (there are more then I’ve mentioned I know) withint series to series is cool, it makes it more acceptable to be part of the franchise I feel.

So! So go watch it if you haven’t. Because it is worth watching, you just might be slightly more confused then usual.. if you can believe that’s possible. I’m looking forward to S.7 coming this later on in the year! I’ll do another review on this show then :D.

With love, Charlotte x


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