Generally being more positive πŸ’­πŸ’—

For me, 2017 is the year I’ve decided to focus on myself and my own business much more. Simply because, over the past 6-7 years I feel I’ve focused far too much on situations, people or even events that didn’t deserve or require me to spend so much time on. Due to this I found, and now realise, when I look back over things within these years that I have had quite a hard faced attitude towards things and honestly, majority of the time I could of dealt with situations so much more level headed. But, I was only 15-16 when I go back 6-7 years! So of course my way of looking at things will have changed and developed much more, but, this still doesn’t mean I don’t wish I could tell my 15-16 year old self a few home truths.

Here in myΒΒ I recently wrote a 6 bullet point check list of things I wanted to say to my teenage self, and I still 100% stand by these, because even during my hectic last year of Uni I clearly saw things in a much positive, effective way πŸ™‚ which pleases me because I was stressed to hell!

But basically, I noticed recently how much negativity there really is around and how in retrospect, I now see how bitter and sad that is, for these events or people. I just want to have positive thoughts, positive moments and all around feeling great during times when you should perhaps feel a little “meh”. So! If you’re feeling like you need a change of “feeling” take note from this and my letter to my teenage self, both have helped me recently become a much happier individual and I do love this. I’m not saying there aren’t days where things can be very “ughhhh” but, I do realise how incredibly lucky I am to have certain groups of people, certain situations and certain events in my life and I realise, I probably shouldn’t complain and just get on with things in a much more positive way :).

Now, don’t worry, I’m not going all “loopy” on you I’m just feeling a little more happier now I’m seeing things this way and it’s not been because of anything in particular, it’s a chosen choice I’ve made.

With love, Charlotte x



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