Photography: bringing it back this 2017 ðŸ“¸

So I don’t know if I’ve ever told you guys, but, at college to get my grades to go to University I did an Extended Diploma in Media Studies where there was the opportunity to learn Photography, Film editing, Magazine designing and Web designing. And I ended up enjoying this course so much more then I thought I would! I began to love taking Media Studies and in particular learning about photography and magazine editing. So I began to capture images from places I went to visit, historical places, and keep a little log of them. Here are a few photos I took and edited during my first year of doing Media;

Hever Castle, Kent:


Burghley House, Stamford:





I’ve found I love to capture images of the landscape around the historical places I go too, for everyone one of them is surrounded by such beautiful scenery! I love to capture how it looks in certain weather types. But, for a while now I’ve not picked up my camera and just taken pictures… I kind of lost touch with it when I went to Uni and my life became books and the library. So, this year I when clearing out the garage I found my old camera:


To say I was happy is an understatement! I found my camera and my SD Card reader to insert onto my Macbook so I can download the images ❤ I was so sooo happy, also meant many other future possibilities were now a thought.. But that is a bit of a secret for now 🙂 (typical Youtuber/Blogger term, “secret project” I’m sorry to join this.. but for now it’s the case) and yes, it may not be a Cannon or anything, but my nan brought me this beautiful Fujifilm camera a few christmas’ ago and I love how it looks with the photos it takes. So! i thought at the bottom here I would share a few photos I took on this little adventure, it’s not many but, I’m tempted to start doing just photo based blogs, where if i take photos, edit them and then put them up you know I’ve been on a photo hunt and gotten some nice shots.. No intro, just name and date of the place.. something different 🙂 what do you guys think? Leave me a comment below and tell me your views! So here goes!

Old Leake, Boston Lincolnshire;




(iPhone 5SE selfie)


With love, Charlotte x



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