The hardest part of being a blogger… my HONEST opinion ðŸ’­

So, I’ve been blogging here on DBBloggerxoxo for over 2 and a half years now and as much as I may not be a big “well known” blogger, I like to think in that within these 2 and a half years I’ve come pretty far! People I’ve met through friends have complimented me on my posts before and that to me, was a HUGE thing, the fact someone I did not even know knew my work.. that feeling was great :D!

BUT it is not all sunshine and roses being a blogger, as I’m sure other like minded bloggers will agree, because it can be pretty hard to get noticed and get jobs where people are willing to pay you.. because this is something you may class as your lively hood.. without seeming like a total dick!

And due to this, you may take on jobs where you aren’t even paid because you’re promised recognition from the company you are dealing with.. Well, if 2016 taught me anything it is that certain companies I did things for did not uphold their site of the bargain! Now, I will not name names as that would be very unprofessional, but, it is also very unprofessional of THEM to not uphold their end of a bargain too.

Thought_Bubble_Question-e1431455965739.png Confusing right!


What irked me more then anything last year was me constantly having to apply to do “volunteering” blogging or writing. Now, it’s all great experience I totally agree, BUT it’s not always fair. People think that simply because you’re “volunteering” for them that they can talk to you and treat you in a certain way that they necessarily wouldn’t do if you were being paid by them, because they feel they have the right. No, that’s not on. Also, what is it with people reaching out TO YOU to work with you, you uphold your side of the bargain by writing a piece on your blog for them for nothing due to being promised this company would share your blog around a bit more for recognition, yet NOTHING happens from their end? Unfair? I think so. I just think companies need to stop taking advantage of new starting out bloggers trying to get somewhere because it’s simply not fair.. We have feelings you know.

But most confusing of all, is when you’re working with a company that’s meant to pay you.. but still has not 3 months on. WHAT THE FRICK?! 😮. A big in your face company that “claims” to pay you for every article you write, shows you how to claim it through them, then when it comes down to it makes it near on IMPOSSIBLE to claim your money from them demanding and spouting so many things it’s unreal. That makes me more sad then anything, because you as a blogger have trusted that company and have just been majorly let down.

Now this isn’t a post bashing ALL companies because there are plenty that wouldn’t I’m sure but, it’s just these particular ones that I know I’ve not been the only one to be taken advantage of by. Don’t do it people, just do what you promise! Especially if we’re keeping the deal our end. Keep your promises to bloggers like myself and then maybe, just maybe, we might feel a little more inclined to do work for others in the future.

Keep this in mind guys, but, still continue to do what you love! I love writing and nothing or anyone would stop me, I just don’t enjoy being taken advantage of and having my time wasted. Not in the slightest. And to the companies that don’t take the mick, myself and other bloggers thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

With love, Charlotte x


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