A few designs, created by Paul Donnelly!

So did I mention my boyfriend is incredibly talented? 🤔😜. 

So very recently my boyfriend Paul started designing all kinds of things for people who watch his stream over on Twitch! He’s designed; stream banners, custom concept art medal/ribbons, custom made profile pictures etc. And the people he’s done them for have absolutely loved them, including myself! 😃 . He’s very talented and he’s good at what he does! (Not a biased view, just a true one) so any Gamers, Streamers, etc. If you want anything designed for your channels, he’s the man! 👍🏻🙊😜🎮🎧💻🕹. 

Contact him view his

  1. twitter🐣 ; @KAKKAKARROT94
  2. Facebook💻 ;Paul Donnelly
  3. Twitch🎮;; kakkakarrotcake94 👍🏻👍🏻.

He threw these together for me the other day & I absolutely fell in love! They’re great baby, thank you! 💞This is just a short post for me, but, completely worth it! 😀 come say hi to him!

With love, Charlotte x


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