Long Distance Relationships; 6 Months on πŸ˜˜.


So, it’s February 2nd and I am celebrating 6 months with my wonderful wonderful boyfriend Paul :). Happy 6 month anniversary my sweet! <3. I’ve done a post with him on here before -> “The Boyfriend Tag! β€οΈπŸ™ˆ ” so before you read this if you want to see how well me and this munchkin know one another so far, feel free to visit this and read it :).

Now, if you’re not aware my partner Paul lives in Hartlepool, which is up near Newcastle and I live in Boston, which is in Lincolnshire making us just under 3 hours apart:

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 21.20.29.png

So on today of all days this got me thinking on the whole topic of “long distance” and how a lot of people say they would struggle or find it incredibly difficult to be that far apart from their loved one and would hate to not see them everyday. Now, just because I don’t see Paul everyday and spend majority of my time with him that’s not me saying I don’t miss Paul when we’re apart because honestly I really do or even that I don’t love him because, I seriously love this boy to the moon and back, but, I’m just saying that although there is that distance in living situations between us it doesn’t effect our relationship in any way at all! If anything I seriously think it makes us stronger as a couple and heres why.

When we’re apart me and Paul have a lot of things going on for ourselves individually;

1) We both have our jobs which, for him at least, takes up Monday-Friday and for me consists of Sunday-Wednesday.

2) Outside of work Paul absolutely loves to game, like seriously the boy is addicted to gaming which he says is his way of winding down from work, his “down time”, which is fine because every job can be stressful and everyone needs their zoning out time and I like to come on here and schedule rather long blog posts, because writing is my way of “down time” or I read, you already know of my constant need to have a book in my hand from my previous bookwormish posts.

3) Paul got his degree last year in Creative Music Technology so outside of work he has his heart set on becoming a music producer and is working his butt off to save for his first music studio (I’m very proud of him) and hopefully this Easter or Summer that dream will become a reality for him and for me outside of work this year I am currently going through the process of applying for my Online University Masters Degree in Art History and working my way through my first Medieval History online Course called “the life of Anne Boleyn” (https://medievalcourses.com/overview/life-anne-boleyn-mc06/) .

So as you can see we both do have very busy lives when we aren’t together and this does have it’s ups and it does have it’s downs, only simply because the both of us can get so tired and it sometimes feels like there’s not enough hours in the day! But! That doesn’t stop us talking and facetiming every day.

Which brings me down to keeping in contact when we’re apart! Being in contact with one another when we’re apart, which can sometimes be up to 4 weeks at a time (it was 5 once due to work etc. but we both agreed that wouldn’t be happening again) is a huuuuuge thing. You must be able to feel like you can speak to your loved one when you’re not physically able to be in one another’s company and communication is key. Every day me and Paul will make sure we message one another throughout the day just making sure one another is okay and how your days are going etc. general things but, we also make sure we find at least 30-45 mins a night to facetime one another and have a daily catch up, chat and giggle. And this for me is like I AM seeing him every day he’s just not there for me to physically squeeze, which yes can be hard because I’m a very affectionate person (Paul is too but he’ll have you believe otherwise πŸ˜‰ ) so having that physical contact is a huge thing for me but, I also understand that when in this type of relationship it’s not always humanly possible.

This then brings me on too personal space. Paul is a very independent person and as am I, we both are very strong/level headed and we do both take no crap, granted I let certain things bother me which he probably wouldn’t but girls are more sensitive then men I feel sometimes, so we do both not mind having our own time apart yes it gets much harder the last 7-10 days when we are apart and it becomes a little more like “ughhh time hurry up” but, I do not think this is a BAD thing that we like our own personal space. Because we are both human and people do need their own time.

Now none of what I’ve previously mentioned doesn’t mean what so ever that I don’t love Paul, because as I said above I honestly do he is my best friend as well as my boyfriend, but I think each of these above facts makes our relationship and friendship grow too. We both respect and appreciate each other so much and our time apart does make us realise this I feel, so I value our relationship much more then I have any other I’ve ever been involved in before.

This, for us both, is a real adult relationship, we may not live together but we’re both adults in a true loving relationship! I know for sure that Paul loves me and I honestly never doubt it because he never gives me reason too and he also SHOWS me how much he loves me! He also knows how much I love him because I too do the same, we just respect and appreciate one another so much it feels like an equal partnership and I don’t see why just because we aren’t in one another’s company 24/7 why this should effect us. It is 6 months into our wonderful relationship and I wouldn’t have it any other way because when we do have time together we make the absolute most of it! It can span from spending 4 days together to 9 days together, but no matter what amount of time we always make sure we enjoy it and have fun. Our way of enjoying ourselves happens in the form of; chilling the hell out, in pj’s, having food, gaming TOGETHER, watching Netflix series’ together and also going on dates! We make sure that at least 1 of the nights involves a night where we go out for a meal and have a date night <3. We’re also planning on some adventures together this year too and I know we both can’t wait too see where these take us! πŸ˜€

Soooo this post is incredibly long. But, I just wanted to stress the fact that long distance relationships can/do work, they just take two people being bold enough to make it work and we as a couple are bold enough because we know, one day, it will have all been worth it.

So! Happy 6 monthiversary my love! I honestly love you so much ❀ and I am loving the woman I am becoming now I am with you and sharing all these new experiences together. I am beyond lucky to call you mine because you’re such a great human being and you truly are the one <3.


With love, Charlotte x


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2 thoughts on “Long Distance Relationships; 6 Months on πŸ˜˜.

    1. aww thank you so much for the nice words hun! :D, I completely agree that if it’s meant to be you’ll make it work no matter what.. and I couldn’t be happier we are. Thank you again though, thats really nice of you to say! x

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