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3a6c825a48a136bf6f896e195b2f6a5d Heres another Girls Supporting Girls Post! ❤

Recently I did a post on here regarding girls supporting girls and when it first went up I didn’t know the response I would get? Like I thought maybe I might get a little negativity due to clash of opinion maybe? And that’s totally fine because everyone thinks about and see’s things differently! 🙂 But! I actually got some lovely lovely feed back :’) this made me beyond happy and I couldn’t quite believe it, if you missed out on this then here it is! https://dbbloggerxoxo.wordpress.com/2016/11/11/girls-support-other-girls/

Now, I wouldn’t class myself as a feminist, like I’m not all against men as I have a beautiful partner of my own called Paul and he is, in my eyes, an absolute dream! He supports me, he listens too me and is always there for me. So I wouldn’t go the full hog to say I am 100% feminist because I’d be lying, but, over the past year I have become more supportive of the whole “Feminist” community! I believe in empowering and supporting women in everything they want to do and achieve because, quite frankly, WHY THE HELL NOT?! Everyone should be able to achieve and succeed in whatever they really want to do and you’re silly and a bit small minded I personally feel if you think otherwise to this. And I only say that because it is in todays day and age a lot more acceptable, or rather not frowned upon, for women to be able to chase their dreams. We as women have advanced and overcome a hell of a lot compared to say what rights women had in the 1940’s. But, that does not mean that there still isn’t classic signs of men trying to still have the upper hand in practically everything, especially when it comes to harassment of women on the streets etc. these days, but thats another post for another time.

But, I wanted to share with you people, films & TV programmes which I think empower “Girls supporting Girls” or just girls showing they can achieve what appears to sometimes be unachievable! And I will again share some of my favourite bloggers this month which I feel are nailing it once again! 😀 ❤



1. Leighton Meester      

2. Lady Gaga       

 3. Sophia Bush

All these women above I feel are such inspirations, not just because of having jobs of being in the public eye and earning what is no doubt a lovely income, but, they don’t abuse their position of “fame” they use their position to promote incredible causes! They all do such great work towards individual causes and they do put their absolute all into them! These women in my opinion are awesome! And deserve much more recognition then they do get for the great things they have/are achieving! ❤


Films/TV Shows:

1. Clueless                                     

2. What Women Want         

3. Reign

For Films and TV shows, I chose these particular 3! Simply because each has a lead, headstrong lady! Clueless’ lead lady Cher may come across as “ditsy” but, when you actually look at this character she is incredibly kind and does know what she’s doing! She takes pride in how she looks yes and is only 15 in the film, but she does do her best to try and take in what’s going on around her, help others and prides herself on being a match maker, effectively putting herself last! She can put herself and her hard work to any given task and she does actually accomplish her goals! She just goes about it in a different way to perhaps the next two ladies might.

What a woman want is one of my favourite films! The leading head business women, Darcy, shows another head strong character who comes up against a man who originally believed he deserved her position, but he quickly realises she is fully deserving due to “being able to read her mind” due to a freak accident with a hair drier and a bath.. don’t ask.. So he does become much more aware of what women want. This however proves to him though that a woman is capable of such a high position and I think he himself is shocked by that.

And finally Reign is my final one! Depicting Mary Queen of Scots during her move to France when she’s very young to marry Francis, Mary shows herself as a very head strong and independent lady! She may be marrying the King oF France, but she has a country of her own and can return to rule it at any time showing the power she has! This in my eyes, has been depicted in a great way and does show feminine power in such a gracious and lady like way.


So here are a few more ladies blogs I am loving right now! And again, leave comments below of a few of your faves so I can check them out! 😀 

Robyn Bates: http://robynbates.blogspot.co.uk/

Pretty Flick: http://prettyflick.co.uk/

Spread Sparkle: https://spreadthesparkleblog.wordpress.com/

Crissy: http://www.whimsicalfawn.com/

Grab your camera: http://www.grabyourcamera.co.uk/

With love, Charlotte x


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